Solid State Relay Heatsink Expand

Solid State Relay (SSR) Heatsink



Passive thermal dispersion heatsink for Solid State Relays, for extra cooling when running relays at near maximum current ratings – Simple installation.

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If you are experienced in utilising Solid State Relays to control circuits or operate projects at high speed, then you can understand the value of a Solid State Relay Heatsinks, which keeps relays from overheating and breaking when operating near maximum current.

This is why we stock these fantastic little inventions. They are not only simple and easy to install, but they also don’t have any moving parts. This translates to a long lifespan, as the heat dispersion is passive and simply utilises the surrounding environment to disperse heat and keep the relays within safe operating temperatures.

Whether you are running solid state relays at high current ratings, or simply want to extend the lifespan of your relays by ensuring they never reach temperatures at which they could become damaged, these passive heatsinks are a great investment.


Technical Specifications:

  • Heat Dispersion Method

– Passive

  • Relay Compatibility

– Solid State Relays

  • Material Composition

– Aluminium



Typical Applications for Solid State Relay Heatsinks:

These Solid State Relay Heatsinks are designed specifically to keep solid state relays cool and safe from heat damage, but are not always necessary if you are running your relays at half their maximum current ratings or lower. However, if you are running them near max current rating, these are a vital to keep your relays protected and alive for a long time. So, rather than considering these as an extra expense for your project, rather think of them as a money-saving investment that prolong the lifespan of your important, and sometimes expensive, components.

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Solid State Relay (SSR) Heatsink

Solid State Relay (SSR) Heatsink