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Heatsink for Stepper Motor Drivers



This small 9x9x5mm Heatsink for Stepper Motor Drivers utilises passive cooling to prevent thermal damage and overheating.

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This Heatsink is stocked as a heat dispersion solution for the common A4988 Stepper Motor Drivers, to help reduce heat and protect the drivers from thermal damage. It is the perfect size to simply fit onto the top of a stepper motor driver like the A4988, and comes with thermal tape included so that all you need to do is peel off the plastic sheet covering the tape and stick it directly atop the driver.

The heatsink utilises passive heat dispersion, with 5 fins to radiate the heat away from the unit. This is vital if you are using your drivers for extended periods of time, as they not only protect the components from overheating and thermal runaway, but also allow the drivers to work even better – with some of our customers even including a small fan in their designs and overclocking their drivers.


Heatsink for Stepper Motor Drivers  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Heatsink Type

– Passive Heat Dispersion

  • Stepper Motor Compatibility

– A4988

  • Thermal Tape

– Included

  • Colour

– Silver

  • Number of Fins

– 5

  • Dimensions

– 9 x 9 x 5mm


Typical Applications for the Heatsink for Stepper Motor Drivers:

This Heatsink for Stepper Motor Drivers is tiny in size, with the dimensions of 9x9x5mm. This small form factor ensures that it can be discretely installed within your projects while still allowing enough clearance for cables or airflow. Whether you need to passively cool your stepper motor drivers like the A4988, or are eager to utilise the cooling capabilities of this unit for different components, these effective yet inexpensive cooling units are a great investment towards protecting expensive parts within a machine, small device or prototyped project.


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Heatsink for Stepper Motor Drivers

Heatsink for Stepper Motor Drivers