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NEMA 17 Closed Loop Stepper Motor - MKS SERVO42A with Display



This ingenious NEMA 17 Closed Loop Stepper Motor is called the MKS SERVO42A, and offers high precision, loss-free stepping for 3D Printing – Display Included.

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This NEMA 17 Closed Loop Stepper Motor, aptly named the MKS SERVO42A V1.0, is a brilliant design from MakerBase that takes the best parts of both Stepper Motors as well as Servo Motors, to create a closed loop motor that not only offers the impressive torque capabilities of a stepper, but also the positional accuracy of a servo as it continuously reads its own position after moving, before making on-the-fly adjustments so that the output steps match the input commands.

This clever motor has been cleverly designed with the intent to make a loss-free stepping motor, and uses a closed loop system with a positional sensor for on-the-fly adjustments as it spins. This means that even when it does miss a step, this motor can easily spot that small mistake and rectify it accordingly before it goes too far. And because of this functionality, the MKS SERVO42A can greatly increase print speeds up to 200m/s on some 3D Printers – without having to modify any firmware, commit to any major hardware changes or jump through any other loops just to get it working.

With such fantastic functionality, loss-free stepping capabilities, incredibly high positional resolution and the ability to be integrated onto almost any motherboard with interchangeable Stepper Drivers, we feel that anyone who loves 3D Printing will be eager to give this new kind of stepper motor a try.

Please Note: This unit includes a 0.96inch display module for onboard settings adjustments. However, we do stock a version in which this display module is not included, so be sure to check out our Standard MKS SERVO42A if you don’t want the included display unit.

Additional Note: The included MKS SV_EXT Adapter board is V1.1, which is perfectly compatible with the SKR Series Motherboards due to the included voltage converter featured on the underside.


MKS SERVO42A NEMA 17 Closed Loop Stepper Motor  -  Electrical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer Part Number


  • Motor Type

– Bipolar Stepper

  • Step Angle

– 22.5° (Default) / 11.25° / 5.625° / 2.815° / 1.40625°

  • Step Precision

– >0.1125°

  • Rated Current

– 1A

  • Closed Loop Feedback Frequency

– 6kHz


MKS SERVO42A NEMA 17 Closed Loop Stepper Motor  -  Physical Specifications:

  • Frame Size

– 42 x 42mm

  • Body Length

– 53mm

  • Shaft Diameter

– 5mm

  • Shaft Length

– 21mm

  • Included Cables

– 1 x 6Pin Stepper Cable / 1 x 4Pin Adapter Cable

  • Included Driver Board

– 1 x A4954 Stepper Driver Module

  • Included Display Module

– 1 x 0.96inch OLED 12864 Display

  • Dimensions (Including Shaft)    

– 42 x 42 x 76mm

  • Weight (Including Extras)

– ±350g


Typical Applications for the NEMA 17 MKS SERVO42A Closed Loop Stepper Motor:

The NEMA 17 MKS SERVO42A Closed Loop Stepper Motor is a brilliant motor that is perfect for high-accuracy 3D Printing, but is most ideal when used for applications like moving heavy Heated Beds and other components. As such, these are perfect for installing on large-format 3D Printers like the Creality CR-10 S5, as the heavy bed can easily lead to overshooting the steps or missed steps entirely. It includes a specialised A4954 driver adapter, an onboard Micro-USB port for configuring the motor via a computer, as well as a port with onboard buttons that accommodate onboard settings adjustments via an external 0.96inch display module.

These factors all make this one of the most advanced steppers that we’ve ever stocked, and we can’t wait to hear about your thoughts after trying this exciting new tech’!


Additional Resources:

  • Check out this Fantastic SERVO42A Video from RuiRaptor, who explores the features of the SERVO42A and shows off some of the functionality with a great explanation on the good and bad factors that it offers.



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NEMA 17 Closed Loop Stepper Motor - MKS SERVO42A with Display

NEMA 17 Closed Loop Stepper Motor - MKS SERVO42A with Display