DC-DC Switchmode Buck Boost Module - LM2596&LM2577 - Cover Expand

DC-DC Switchmode Buck Boost Module - LM2596&LM2577



This Buck Boost Module features both a LM2596 and a LM2577 chip to buck or boost a wide input voltage range to accommodate your project’s needs.

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Voltage regulators are amazing little gadgets that allow you to step up or step down a voltage into a usable, stable voltage for various projects, so that you don’t have to invest in an entire Power Supply just to power your projects with the specific voltages they need. This is why we jumped at the opportunity to get these fantastic dual regulation DC-DC Switchmode Buck Boost Modules, which feature both an LM2596 and an LM2577 chip to both boost and buck input voltages to the ideal output voltages you need, up to 26V or down to 1.25V DC.


LM2596/LM2577 DC-DC Switchmode Buck Boost Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 3.5 to 28V DC                     

  • Output Voltage (Adjustable)

– 1.25 to 26V DC

  • Input Current

– 1A

  • Output Current

– 1A

  • LED Status Indicator

– Power On

  • Weight

– 32g

  • Dimensions

– 53 x 38 x 21mm


Typical Applications for these LM2596 & LM2577 DC-DC Switchmode Buck Boost Modules:

These modules are excellent solutions if you have an unreliable or fluctuating supply input, and they are capable of maintaining a stable output even when used for applications like solar panel power regulation or for testing power supplies that you don’t trust. Additionally, many users utilise these Modules in conjunction with battery packs to power their portable projects, as it ensures optimal power delivery despite possible fluctuations as the batteries slowly lose their charge.

Equipped with both a buck and a boost chip to handle step-down and step-up conversions, there are few modules that are as functional and diverse for such a low price. Whether you want to stabilise and regulate incoming voltages, or convert a high or low voltage to perfectly match the needs of your project, this module is an excellent and affordable choice.


*Please Note: If you are planning on pushing this module to its full load capacities, a heatsink or cooling fan may be necessary to keep it safe from overheating.


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DC-DC Switchmode Buck Boost Module - LM2596&LM2577

DC-DC Switchmode Buck Boost Module - LM2596&LM2577