LM2596 DC-DC Voltage Regulator Adjustable Power Supply Module With Display - Cover Expand

LM2596 DC 4.5~40V to 1.5~37V Adjustable Step-Down Buck Module With Display



This awesome LM2596 Adjustable Step-Down Module features an onboard Display and button for switching between and displaying both input and output.

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As Electronics tinkerers, we know that different types of electronics and electronic circuits require defined and specific voltage ratings. This is because voltages are typically used to excite or activate various different components and electronic assemblies, from simply making LED’s glow to allowing transistors to become conductive, and hobbyist or consumer electronics are often designed with pre-set voltage requirements, with voltages like 5V, 12V or 24V being common standards.

Unfortunately, because of these specific and defined voltages that we commonly use, you can’t simply grab a random Power Supply from the drawer and use it to power any electronics. Instead, you need to supply the electronics with the precise voltages that they need, so that they can operate as expected, and not blow up in a spectacular way. Fortunately, whether your electronics use a common voltage range or a unique voltage that is hard to come by, you can get Voltage Regulators such as this LM2596 Adjustable Step-Down Module with Display, which take an incoming high voltage, and converts it down into an outgoing lower voltage. This allows you to take, for example, a 24V DC power supply, and convert the voltage down to the level you need, whether it’s 5V, 12V or even 16V DC, conditioning the power to be usable for your electronics – and to avoid any unnecessary (but awesome) explosions or damage.

Compared to the rest of the Voltage Regulators we stock, these units are quite unique in the way that they also offer an onboard 7-segment display, with a built-in button for switching between the input and output voltages. This means that it can be used both as a basic multimeter to test incoming voltages, but can also be adjusted to whatever voltage you need without requiring a multimeter to test outgoing voltages.

If you’re a thrifty Maker or have been looking for great ways to use your own phone chargers and power supplies for new projects, then consider getting yourself some of these awesome LM2596 Step-Down Buck Modules, or any of the other Voltage Regulators we offer.


LM2596 Adjustable Step-Down Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage Range

– 4.5V to 40V DC                                                                    

  • Output Voltage Range

– 1.5V to 37V DC

  • Minimum Input/Output Difference

– 1.5V

– Input must be 1.5V HIGHER than Output

  • Max Output Current

– 2A Constant | 3A Peak

  • Max Output Power

– ±70W

  • Polarity Protection

– None

  • Onboard Display

– 3-Digit 7-Segment Display

  • Transfer Efficiency

– 73% @ 3A Load

  • Switching Frequency

– 150kHz

  • Safe Operating Temperatures

– -40° to +120°C

  • Dimensions

– 66 x 36 x 12mm


Extra Notes for the LM2596 Step-Down Adjustable Voltage Regulator:

1. With the voltmeter shows voltage meter error ± 0.1V, the range 0-40V. (Note: To ensure the accuracy of the voltmeter, please ensure that the input voltage of 4V and above)

2. Touch the key to switch measuring input or output voltage, and has a light show which is being measured voltages

3. Power off memory function, show that road after power voltage values measured for the last time

4. Press the touch button for 3 seconds to turn off LED display, touch the button again to turn on the LED display

5. The band terminals, no iron can also be easy to use, and retention wire connection point

6. Input voltage 4.0-40V (input voltage to the output voltage must be higher than 1.5v.)

7. The adjustable output voltage range of 1.25V-37V continuously adjustable (input voltage must be higher than the output voltage to a high of about 1.5V)

8. The maximum output current up to 3A, normal and stable operating current of 2A

9. The internal oscillation frequency 150KHz, belonging to the second generation of switching voltage regulator, low power consumption, high efficiency

10. The current switching LEDs are red


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LM2596 DC 4.5~40V to 1.5~37V Adjustable Step-Down Buck Module With Display

LM2596 DC 4.5~40V to 1.5~37V Adjustable Step-Down Buck Module With Display