AC Adjustable Voltage Regulator: 50V-220V PWM Motor Speed Controller - Cover Expand

AC Adjustable Voltage Regulator: 50V-220V PWM Motor Speed Controller

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This super-handy Voltage Regulator offers adjustable Motor Speed Control and Light Dimming with clever TRIAC AC Phase Angle Control circuitry.

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Controlling Electronics of various different types can sometimes be tricky, as it’s not always easy to get the exact voltage and current ratings required to power components and modules like heating elements, Motors, lighting and similar types of electronics with precision. Fortunately, however, the introduction of techniques like Pulse Width Modulation, and has made the task of matching precise voltages and currents much easier than ever before, and it works by simply turning the electronics on and off at an incredibly high frequency, so as to simulate lower ratings by reducing the amount of time that the electronics are operating for each second. However, while it's often quite easy to take DC voltages and finely tune them with techniques like Pulse Width Modulation or the similar PAM and PPM methods along with relatively high speed microcontrollers, it's not always that easy to do so with AC voltages, and that's why you sometimes have to rely on clever circuitry that can actually interrupt and essentially chop the voltages so that the overall voltage average drops.

This AC Adjustable Voltage Regulator is actually a very cleverly disguised Phase Angle Control Module that allows you to utilise full 220V AC supply (here in SA) and regulate it down to between 50V and 220V AC. This essentially reduces the power output of the device, component, module or appliance to a certain percentage of its max rating, and this is perfect for things like motors and lighting solutions, in which you may need precise speeds or brightness levels, but don’t want to create a circuit with predefined values. Instead, you can simply integrate this fancy Module into the circuit, and choose precisely how much power you want to provide the electronics with, with just the simple twist of a knob. Then, by adjusting the onboard potentiometer up and down, you can essentially define where the triggers occur in the AC sine wave, reducing overall average voltage and controlling the speed, brightness or other variables with relatively high precision.

Please Note: This Phase Angle Control Module is primarily designed for tech-savvy users, and may require some further learning and technical knowledge to use effectively without damaging anything. As such, if you're not highly confident in your skills, consider doing some good research before rushing ahead and investing in one of these modules.

Extra Note: When testing this module, you will need to get a tool that can measure RMS rather than peaks in voltage, as the peaks are likely to remain somewhat similar, while the average voltage per sine wave cycle will be reduced.


AC Phase Angle Control Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 110V to 250V  AC                                       

  • Output Voltage (PWM)

– 50V to 250V AC

  • Max Output Current

– 4A

  • Max Output Power

– 500W

  • Operating Temperatures

– -20° to +40°C

  • Weight

– 40g

  • Dimensions

– 47 x 35 x 27mm




These work great, never knew this website existed. Bookmarked for future.

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AC Adjustable Voltage Regulator: 50V-220V PWM Motor Speed Controller

AC Adjustable Voltage Regulator: 50V-220V PWM Motor Speed Controller