DC-DC Adjustable Step-Down Module - 9A 1.2V-35V Output - Cover Expand

DC-DC Adjustable Step-Down Module - 9A 1.2V-35V Output

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This handy 1.2V-35V Output Adjustable Step-Down Module offers clean, stable regulation at up to 9A or 300W rating – For a wide range of Electronics.

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When wrangling electrons and forcing them through the various Modules and components of circuits, it can become quite complicated to match the perfect voltage and current requirements for each and every little part. However, we’re fortunate enough to live in the modern day, in which we don’t have to simply rely on meticulous calculations and basic components like Resistors to build circuitry that steps up or steps down voltages and currents, and we can now enjoy complete convenience as we rely on incredibly useful modules like Voltage Regulators.

Voltage Regulators like this DC-DC Adjustable Step-Down Module are predesigned modular circuits that perform the seemingly simple task of taking in one voltage range, and outputting a different voltage range, either higher or lower than the original. This not only saves a dramatic amount of time, as you don’t have to design or source the various Components yourself, but also makes your job as a Hobbyist much easier than ever before, allowing you to focus on the important parts, rather than getting bogged down by the parts of the circuit that don’t matter.

This Adjustable Step Down Voltage Regulator is capable of taking between 5V to 40V DC at a max current of 9A, and reducing it to a lower 1.2V to 35V Output, and this allows you to utilise almost any Power Supply for your electronics projects, without unnecessarily risking your important (and often sensitive) components in the circuit, with the additional benefit of regulating and cleaning up the supply to be more stable and electronics-friendly.


DC-DC Adjustable Step-Down Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 5V to 40V DC                                                         

  • Output Voltage

– 1.2V to 35V DC

  • Output Current (Continuous)

– 0.2A to 9A (Adjustable)

  • Output Current (Peak)

– 9A (Requires Cooling Fan)

  • Maximum Power Output

– 300W

  • Weight

– 64g

  • Dimensions

– 65 x 48 x 24mm


Typical Applications for DC-DC Adjustable Step-Down Module:

Because of the wide input and output voltage ranges of this DC-DC Adjustable Step-Down Module, as well as the relatively high 9A max that it’s capable of, you can utilise this voltage regulator for a very broad range of different projects. And whether you want to regulate a large power supply down to work with your Arduino Boards, or simply want to convert a raw supply to a clean and stable working voltage for motors or other types of electronics, this voltage regulator is an awesome choice – especially since the modular design allows you to swap it between projects as you see fit.


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DC-DC Adjustable Step-Down Module - 9A 1.2V-35V Output

DC-DC Adjustable Step-Down Module - 9A 1.2V-35V Output