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DC-DC Step-Down Buck Module - Dual USB 5V 3A Output

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If you love to power your projects with convenient 5V USB, then this DC-DC Step-Down Buck Module with Dual USB 5V 3A Output is an ideal choice!

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With the growing popularity of USB for computing, electronics and, more recently, even networking and audio/video signals, it’s no surprise that a lot of electronics modules and Development Boards are now taking advantage of this fantastic connection style, which operates on the ever-common 5V DC, with the USB Standard that seems to be just about everywhere in our modern times. In fact, with the more recent addition of USB Type-C to the USB family, the options for utilising USB for various different applications has grown even more.

With that in mind, we are focusing on getting more boards and Modules like this DC-DC Step-Down Buck Module, which offers up to 3A via Dual USB 5V Output ports, and is ready to deliver clean, stable and relatively high current power to cater to almost any basic to moderate Electronics projects you might be working on. In regards to the input supply, this step-down Voltage Regulator is capable of accepting a very wide input voltage, ranging between 6V to 40V DC with a switching frequency of 150KHz. This allows Makers to integrate it into many different projects or existing systems, such as circuits in vehicles, solar power systems, or even attached to a dynamo on a bicycle – making it not only highly diverse in it’s use cases, but also in its usability.


DC-DC Dual USB Step-Down Buck Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 6V to 40V DC                                                 

  • Output Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Max Total Output Current

– 3A Split Between Both Ports

  • Switching Frequency

– 150KHz

  • Conversion Efficiency

– 92% (Max)

  • Number of USB Ports

– 2

  • Operating Temperatures

– -40° to +85°C

  • Weight

– ±20g

  • Dimensions

– 59 x 21 x 17mm


Typical Applications for the Dual USB 5V DC-DC Step-Down Buck Module:

The awesome features of the Dual USB 5V Step-Down Buck Module make it great for many different electronics applications, although the unique functionality it offers makes it ideal for creating your own convenient 5V car charging ports. In fact, the only real limitation to this module is the fact that it can only supply 3A max current via both USB ports simultaneously, which means you can’t run two Raspberry Pi Boards at max power simultaneously. However, with that being said, you can certainly run two Arduino Boards at full power, or you could even choose to charge your phone while powering your projects – depending on what your needs are or where this module ends up getting installed or integrated.


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DC-DC Step-Down Buck Module - Dual USB 5V 3A Output

DC-DC Step-Down Buck Module - Dual USB 5V 3A Output