DC-DC 9V-20V Boost Step Up Converter - 24V Fixed Output - Cover Expand

DC-DC 9V-20V Boost Step Up Converter - 24V Fixed Output

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This DC-DC 9V-20V Boost Step Up Converter is relatively simple but very effective, offering a 24V Fixed Output with a conveniently wide input range.

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When working with electronics, there are often times in which you can cut a few corners by substituting Components or creating makeshift modules from spares laying around. However, if you need a specific voltage to power certain boards, Modules or other electronics, cutting corners can often lead to damage in some way or another, and you really do need the exact voltages that electronics require if you want your circuit to operate effectively – and without blowing up or letting the magic smoke escape.

This is why we strive to stock the widest range of Reliable Voltage Regulators and converters as possible, such as this DC-DC 9V-20V Boost Step Up Converter, which offers a handy 24V Fixed Output via a wide input range, so you can power your 24V electronics and appliances with the exact power parameters they need, up to a total of 5A or 120W for some of the heftier electronics like heating elements.

In addition to the stable and clean 24V DC supply that this module supplies, it also offers a full waterproof enclosure that makes it ideal for outdoor use in nautical, poolside, or just general projects that have the chance of getting wet from splashes or humidity. This makes it a very diverse module, despite the 24V fixed output, simply due to the fact that it can be used in such a wide range of different applications from underwater projects to electronics in hot-air balloons.

And finally, we know how easy it is to make a small mistake that can lead to absolute disaster for projects, which is why we’ve ensured that it also includes the entire range of protection features from overload to short-circuit – ensuring that you can keep your projects and Electronics safe, even if you make mistakes along the way.


24V Fixed Output DC-DC Step Up Converter  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 9V to 20V DC                                                              

  • Output Voltage

– 24V DC

  • Output Current

– 3A (5A Peak Max)

  • Integrated Protection Features

– Overcurrent

– Overheated

– Short Circuit

– High Voltage

  • Conversion Efficiency

– ±95% Peak

  • Enclosure Materials

– Aluminium & Silicone Seal

  • Environmental Resistances

– Waterproof

– Anti-Shock

– Dustproof

  • Wiring

– Red: Input Positive (+)

– Black: Input Negative (-)

– Yellow: Output Positive (+)

– Black: Output Negative (-)

  • Dimensions

– 89 x 79 x 23mm


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DC-DC 9V-20V Boost Step Up Converter - 24V Fixed Output

DC-DC 9V-20V Boost Step Up Converter - 24V Fixed Output