DC-DC Step-Down Buck Module - 5V 2.4A Fixed Output - Cover Expand

DC-DC Step-Down Buck Module - 5V 2.4A Fixed Output

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Provide the precision power your projects need with this DC Buck/Boost Module, featuring 5V Fixed Output at up to 1.6A for light to moderate projects.

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With so many people now owning at least one mobile device and the widespread popularity of USB, it’s no surprise that 5V has become an extremely common standard, and this has been a fantastic step forward for Makers, as we don’t have to try and match varying, precise voltages with each other anymore, and we can rely on the fact that many of the Modules and components we use will be compatible with a simple 5V DC input. This is why we are always on the lookout for handy Voltage Regulation Modules like these DC-DC Buck/Boost Modules from DFRobot, which are built to provide a fixed 5V DC output at up to 1.6A, making them excellent tools to use as a power sources, power adapters, or even as charger for various batteries.

This module, despite its tiny little size, is quite a beast in its own right, capable of taking in a wide input voltage range between 8V and 28V DC and producing a stable and reliable 5V DC output for all kinds of different projects and applications. It is ideally used as a primary Power Source for lightweight to moderate electronics projects, but also for adapting power within a circuit that may be tuned to a higher voltage everywhere else. This means that it’s not only a great tool for fresh new projects, but could also be used to adapt and modify old projects with fresh new 5V modules and Sensors for more functionality, and with such a simple but effective design, there are very few ways in which this module can fault or break, even when being pushed near the limits of its capabilities.


5V 1.6A Fixed Output DC-DC Buck Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier


  • Input Voltage

– 8V to 28V DC

  • Output Voltage (Fixed)

– 5V DC (±0.1V)

  • Output Current

– 1.6A

  • Minimum Recommended Load

– 500mA

  • Full-Load Output Ripple

– <50mV

  • Switching Frequency

– 0.5MHz

  • Conversion Efficiency

– 85%

  • Onboard Indicators

– N/A

  • Weight

– ±8g

  • Dimensions

– 16.5 x 22mm


MP1584 - Datasheet

9RPIHPWRMGMNT - MP1584 Datasheet

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DC-DC Step-Down Buck Module - 5V 2.4A Fixed Output

DC-DC Step-Down Buck Module - 5V 2.4A Fixed Output

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