DC-DC Step-Down Buck Module - 25W Max, Adjustable Output - Cover Expand

DC-DC Step-Down Buck Module - 25W Max, Adjustable Output

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This 25W DC-DC Step-Down Module features Adjustable Output, a 5V fixed output and power pass-through, for versatile circuits with differing voltages.

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When working with electronics, it’s not uncommon to wish that all of your favourite Modules, sensors, breakout boards and other components all operated on the same voltage. However, while that would be quite convenient, most of us also know that it simply wouldn’t be realistic, as some components simply require various levels of power, while other components like LEDs and other diodes actually have a minimum Forward Voltage that has to be met in order for the component to work at all. This is just a part of the exciting challenge of Hobbyist Electronics though, and does add an extra layer of fun complexity to projects, especially when your projects are ambitious enough to mix multiple different voltages together to blend in many different types modules and components, and you have to work out how to deliver specific voltages and current to particular components within your system.

Fortunately, this problem is not quite as difficult as it used to be, and we now have handy Voltage Regulators like these DC-DC Step-Down Buck Modules, which are designed to drop incoming voltages down so that you don’t need multiple power supplies in your project, and can instead just condition the power within your system to accommodate the different components and the power levels they need to operate at their best. It is supplied by DFRobot, which of course means that it’s built with high quality parts to a reliable design, and is capable of offering up to 25W Max output, with options for both Adjustable Output as well as fixed 5V output, as well as power pass-through to output the same voltage as the input at the same time.

The relatively simple but very well executed features on this module makes it very versatile when comparing it to most other voltage regulators out there, as you could even mix two different voltages into the same project from the same power supply, regulating the input down to a more convenient voltage for whatever components are in your system, while simultaneously outputting the input voltage for other parts. Furthermore, with simple toggle switch control and a basic variable potentiometer for adjustments, coupled with three different outputs for the regulated voltage as well as direct output for power pass-through, you can rest assured that it can be used for almost any project ranging between 3.3V and 25V, with a JST connector, screw terminal and basic power output pins to make it as easy as possible to take full advantage of.

Please Note: Because this is a Step-Down converter, the input voltage must be HIGHER than the output voltage, otherwise may you run the risk of damaging the regulator or the connected circuitry.


25W DC-DC Adjustable Step-Down Buck Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier


  • Input Voltage (VIN)

– 3.6V to 25V DC

  • Output Voltage (Pass-Through)

– Equal to VIN

  • Output Voltage (Fixed)

– 5V DC

  • Output Voltage (Adjustable)

– 3.3V to 25V DC

  • Output Current

– 5A Max

  • Maximum Power Output

– 25W

  • Switching Frequency

– ≤350kHz

  • Conversion Efficiency

– ≤90%

  • Onboard Indicators

– 1 x Red Power LED

  • Onboard Controls

– Toggle Switch: 5V / Variable Output

– Potentiometer for Variable Output

  • Dimensions

– 46 x 50 x 20mm


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DC-DC Step-Down Buck Module - 25W Max, Adjustable Output

DC-DC Step-Down Buck Module - 25W Max, Adjustable Output

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