DC-DC Switch Mode Buck MP1584 Mini Expand

DC-DC Switch Mode Buck MP1584 Mini

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This MP1584 Mini DC-DC Switch Mode Buck Module is made to convert 4.5V to 28V input voltages down to 0.8V to 25V, with a constant continuous current of 3A.

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The MP1584 Mini DC-DC Switch Mode Buck Converter is a step-down voltage converter based on the widely popular MP1584 chip. It is capable of converting a high input voltage of between 4.5V and 28V, down to a lower voltage of between 0.8V and 25V DC, with an output current of between 2A minimum and 4A peak. This is ideal for projects in which you need to supply a constant, regulated current, and this module allows you to use a wide range of different Power Supplies without having to worry about specific voltage and current ratings or limits.

This Electronics Module, despite being small with a relatively low population of components, features an impressive efficiency rating of around 95%, with a programmable switching frequency for controlling precise PWM duty cycles. It also offers high-efficiency Pulse Skipping Mode for light loads, which eliminates the chances of providing too much power to Components, while also ensuring that they get the precise amount of power to operate at optimal efficiency. And finally, this module is designed to ensure the lowest amount of ripple possible, with an output ripple of less than 30mV. This keeps the output voltage very stable, which is critical if you are using this module for low power or light load Electronics.


MP1584 Mini DC-DC Regulator  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 4.5V to 28V DC                                                      

  • Output Current (Continuous)

– 3A

  • Output Current (Peak)

– 4A

  • Output Voltage

– 0.8V to 25V DC (Dependent on Current)

  • Efficiency Rating

– Up to 95%

  • Switching Frequency

– 100kHz to 1.5MHz (Programmable)

  • Additional Features

– Pulse Skipping Mode (for Light Loads)

  • Dimensions

– 22 x 17 x 4mm


Typical Applications for the MP1584 Mini DC-DC Switch Mode Buck Converter:

This MP1584 Mini DC-DC Switch Mode Buck Converter is designed as a Voltage Regulation Module, to step down higher voltages and regulate them into clean, stable power for lightweight components. It offers a constant current with PWM programmability, a pulse skipping mode to prevent over-voltages, as well as a few minor features like ripple-limiting, which all help to improve overall efficiency. If you love to build your own electronics, but often run into problems relating to power ratings or specific voltage or current supplies, this module is an excellent solution to ensuring the ideal power ratings for your lightweight or low-power projects.


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DC-DC Switch Mode Buck MP1584 Mini

DC-DC Switch Mode Buck MP1584 Mini

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