Thermocouple K Type Temp Sensor - 1 Meter Sheathed Expand

Thermocouple K Type Temp Sensor - 1 Meter Sheathed



The Thermocouple K Type Temp Sensor is a 1 Meter Sheathed sensor that measures high temperatures of up to 400°C – Transition Joint Probe Thermocouple.

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This 1 Meter long Sheathed Thermocouple K Type Temp Sensor is a transition joint probe thermocouple that can measure temperatures between 0°C and 400°C. It is sheathed in braided stainless steel with fibreglass insulation, and is made to handle extreme temperatures within ovens, furnaces and similar types of home and industrial machines. The stainless steel tubing and sheathing also helps with resistance to corrosion and common wear and tear, although it’s still not recommended to use within liquid environments, as liquids filling up the tubing could certainly alter the readings, and also increase the corrosion due to the electrical charges running within the metal components and wiring.

The Temperature Sensor within the probe is made from Nickel-Aluminium and Nickel-Chrome alloys for high precision readings and durability in high heat, ensuring that the sensor will not only offer accurate readings, but will also last an impressively long time despite the conditions it is subjected to. On one end, it features a transition join probe with a crimped stainless steel housing, while the other side features two fork-connectors labelled red (Positive) and blue (negative). This allows it to be used with a variety of different measuring instruments, as the fork connectors are somewhat universal fittings that are commonly used when measuring temperatures.


1 Meter Sheathed Thermocouple K Type Temp Sensor  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Thermocouple Calibration

– K

  • Thermocouple Type

– Transition Joint

  • Junction Type

– Sheathed Probe

  • Metal Alloys

– Nickel-Aluminium / Nickel-Chromium

  • Temperature Range

– 0° to 400

  • Connector Type

– Fork Connectors

  • Cable Length

– 1m


Typical Applications for the Thermocouple K Type Temp Sensor - 1 Meter Sheathed:

The Thermocouple K Type Temp Sensor has a 1 Meter Sheathed cable that allows it to be used for a wide range of different applications, although it is of course recommended for air and gas environments only. With that being said, however, it is capable of handling relatively high humidity levels like those within ovens and high temperature machines, although for a longer lifespan you definitely want to keep it as dry as possible, with regular wipe-downs or maintenance depending on how much humidity or liquid it is exposed to.

Within a typical workshop or home environment, these thermocouples are commonly used in applications like 3D Printing, in which specific temperatures need to be reached and maintained in order for the machine to work correctly. We also use these workshops in some instances in which cooling is vital, and going above certain temperatures can lead to serious damage. They can be coupled with other Electronic Components, automation systems, alarms or other devices, so that machines and equipment can react to temperatures and save you the time and hassle of having to monitor the machines yourself.

If you need a reliable, high quality and long-lasting temperature sensor that can measure up to 400°C, this unit is an excellent choice that is both accurate and durable.


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Thermocouple K Type Temp Sensor - 1 Meter Sheathed

Thermocouple K Type Temp Sensor - 1 Meter Sheathed