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Geekcreit STC-1000 Temperature Controller - 12V DC



Enjoy easy & cost-effective temperature control with the Geekcreit STC-1000, offering dual relays for heating & cooling for all kinds of applications.

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Whether you’re dealing with Electronics, mechanics, machinery or even some tools, every Maker knows that temperatures are quite important, and a temperature that’s either too high or too low can cause some unexpected and sometimes serious problems in all kinds of different ways. In fact, even outside of Making, if you’re baking, storing things, farming chickens, or just want to feel comfortable in your house, temperature plays a big role in all our lives, and that’s what’s gotten us quite interested in Temperature Controller Units like the Geekcreit STC-1000 Temperature Controller.

This compact but very functional temperature controller operates on a common 12V DC and features two integrated relays and a Thermal Sensing circuit so as to help carefully control temperatures. And whereas many other temperature controllers may just focus on maintaining a certain temperature through heating or cooling alone, this clever controller unit offers support for both heating and cooling, resulting in optimal temperature control for all kinds of applications. This makes it a great choice for aquarium enthusiasts who need extremely precise temperatures for their fish, animal farmers who need to keep the roost or pen warm during certain months, but cool for the rest, incubating eggs for science projects, or even more advanced scenarios like cultivating cells in biology or brewing exciting beverages.

With temperature being such a large factor in so many different areas of life, it makes sense that a seemingly simple tool like the STC-1000 Temperature Controller is surprisingly versatile despite a relatively basic level of functionality. Fortunately though, while what’s going on under the hood is a little more complicated than many would suspect, units like these make precision temperature control just as easy as it should be.

Helpful Note: These Temperature Controller Units can operate on the same power source as the loads, so if you are working with loads that are 24V DC or 110V/240V AC, then check out the entire STC-1000 Temperature Controllers Range to get one that better suits your power needs.


Geekcreit STC-1000 12V Temperature Controller  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Brand

– GeekCreit                                                        

  • Operating/Control Voltage

– 12V DC

  • No. of Channels

– 2 (1 for Heating / 1 for Cooling)

  • Relay Max Load

– 10A @ 110V/220V AC

– 10A @ 24V DC

  • Display Type

– 7-Segment Based

  • Control Interface

– On/Off | Set | UP | DOWN

  • Included Sensor

– NTC Thermistor with 1m Cable

  • Temp Sensing Range

– -50° to +90°C

  • Temp Sensing Resolution

– 0.1°C

  • Temp Sensing Accuracy

– ±1°C

  • Total Power Consumption

– <3W

  • Sensing Error Delay

– 1 Minute

  • Dimensions

– 75 x 34 x 85mm


Additional Resources:

  • This is a handy STC-1000 Wiring and Demonstration Video by HackTech DIY that shows you how to wire up your STC-1000 and power supply, as well as a rudimentary example using a lightbulb to heat up the probe before turning off and letting it cool.

Finally, this great STC-1000 Demonstration Video shows you exactly how to set up the temperature limits you need, as well as some other handy features. Do note that there is a loud beep at around 36 seconds, but aside from that, the rest of the video is informative and beep-free:


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Geekcreit STC-1000 Temperature Controller - 12V DC

Geekcreit STC-1000 Temperature Controller - 12V DC