Thermocouple K Type sensor - 1 Meter Expand

Thermocouple K Type sensor - 1 Meter



The Thermocouple K Type Sensor is a sensor with a 1 Meter long cable that utilises the Seebeck effect to accurately identify temperatures of gases and air.

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This 1 Meter Thermocouple K Type Sensor is a highly accurate temperature sensor designed to measure air and gases. It is a sheathed, beaded wire thermocouple with fiberglass insulation within the sheathing, offering high accuracy and an extremely fast response time thanks to the open, direct contact with the air or gas environment.

This simple Temperature Sensor can fit most standard flat 2-pin thermocouple sockets on measuring instruments, which makes it diverse in both its use cases as well as equipment compatibility. By utilising the Seebeck Effect with an exposed junction, it identifies the difference in temperatures between two dissimilar metals – in this case NickelAluminium and NickelChromium – by measuring the current that is produced when the junction heats or cools. It then converts that current into a coherent reading to an accuracy of around 1°C.


1 Meter Thermocouple K Type sensor  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Thermocouple Calibration

– K

  • Thermocouple Type

– Transition Joint

  • Junction Type

– Exposed Beaded Wire

  • Metal Alloys

– Nickel-Aluminium / Nickel-Chromium

  • Temperature Range

– -30° to +350°C

  • Connector Type

– Mini 2-Pole Plug

  • Cable Length

– ±1m


Typical Applications for the 1 Meter Thermocouple K Type Sensor:

The Thermocouple K Type Sensor with 1 Meter cable make it perfect for applications like 3D Printing and a wide range of other applications too, as long as it is not exposed to liquids that could corrode or oxidise the alloys.


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Thermocouple K Type sensor - 1 Meter

Thermocouple K Type sensor - 1 Meter