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DS213 Quad Channel Mini Handheld Oscilloscope

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The DS213 Quad Channel Handheld Oscilloscope is the ultimate tool for anyone who likes Making, tinkering with and analysing complex electronics.

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Working with electronic signals and waveforms is difficult, and there isn’t any “easy” way to do so. However, there are often times, especially within Communications and RF projects, in which identifying and evaluating wave functions is imperative for efficiency, effectiveness and the overall success of whatever project you’re busy working on. In such times, the best solution is to have access to a good quality oscilloscope, and in particular an oscilloscope that allows you to pause and analyse waveforms with precision.

This DS213 Quad Channel Mini Handheld Oscilloscope is an incredibly awesome pocket-sized tool that has two digital inputs and two analog inputs, which is ideal for measuring and analysing a wide range of different inputs and waveforms, with a handy data storage solution for saving waveforms too. In addition to this, the DS213 differs from the large majority of standard oscilloscopes by offering an open source application layer for customised firmware. This enables Makers to completely personalise the way they analyse waveforms, with the ability to store up to four different application firmware templates – technically making the DS213 a “Multi-Multi-Functional” oscilloscope.

While the DS213 Handheld Oscilloscope can’t quite compare to the near-endless functionality of desktop oscilloscopes (which usually cost quite a pretty penny), the major benefit that it offers is in its portability and small form factor, allowing you to take your waveform analysis out into the real world, where you can perform live analysis and even save that analysis for later use or as an effective reference for comparing other waveforms from different Modules or devices. And with so many incredible features (too many to mention in just this description), the DS213 has garnered worldwide popularity as being one of the best portable analysis tools for Electronics Engineers and Tinkerers everywhere.


DS213 Quad Channel Mini Handheld Oscilloscope  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Brand

– Miniware

  • Model No.

– DS213

  • CPU

– ARM Cortex M3

  • FIFO & Control


  • ADC

– HWD9288-100

  • Included Probes

– X1 Probe | X10 Probe

  • Max Analog Input Voltage

– ±40V via X1 Probe

– ±400V via X10 Probe

  • Max Digital Input Voltage

– +5V

  • Max Sampling Rate

– 100Msa/s

  • Max Sampling Memory Depth

– 4 Channels | 4x4K

  • Max Analog Bandwidth

– 15MHz

  • Analog Input Impedance

– 1MΩ

  • Digital Input Impedance

– 100KΩ

  • Coupling


  • Vertical Resolution

– 8 bit

  • Vertical Sensitivity

– X1 Probe: 10mV/Div to 10V/Div (1-2-5 STEP)

– X10 Probe: 100mV/Div to 100V/Div (1-2-5 STEP)

  • Horizontal Sensitivity

– 100ns/Div to 1S/Div (1-2-5 STEP)

  • Integrated Battery

– 1000mAh Lithium Battery

  • Battery Charging Interface

– Micro USB

  • Integrated Waveform Storage  

– 8MB USB Flash Drive

  • Integrated Display

– 3 Inch TFT LCD : 400x240

  • Onboard Signal Generator

– 10Hz to 8MHz | Square

– 10Hz to 20KHz | Sine / Triangular / Sawtooth

  • File Type Compatibility

– .BMP / .BUF / .CSV

  • Weight

– 129g (Inc. Battery)

  • Dimensions (DS213 Unit)

– 100 x 59 x 13.5mm

  • Dimensions (Package)

– 188 x 110 x 45mm


Typical Applications for the DS213 Quad Channel Handheld Oscilloscope:

Featuring two analog inputs, two digital inputs, a waveform signal generator output, as well as customisable firmware for extra features and functionality, the DS213 Quad Channel Mini Handheld Oscilloscope is truly the ultimate tool for on-the-go waveform analysis. Not only can you analyse, compare, add and subtract various waveforms to and from each other, but you can also save whatever data you need for later analysis if the application really does demand a full-sized oscilloscope.

Whether you love to build Wireless Communications projects with complex carrier signals, in which you need a high level of precision and in-depth data to effectively analyse your output signals, or whether you simply love to figure out how all of these complicated little modules and Components work in a more insightful way, you can’t go wrong with the portable, pocket-sized and professional DS213 Mini Handheld Oscilloscope.


Additional Resources:

  • This is the DS213 Mini Oscilloscope User Manual, which offers a much more in-depth view at the many different functions, as well as technical and electrical parameters that the DS213 has been designed with.


The following is an excellent demonstration video from Miniware, showing a quick rundown of some of the key features of the DS213, as well as the advanced but minimalistic user interface and the functions that it offers:


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DS213 Quad Channel Mini Handheld Oscilloscope

DS213 Quad Channel Mini Handheld Oscilloscope

Guangzhou e-Design Intelligent Technology, or more affectionately known as Miniware to us electronics enthusiasts, is the brand that created the awesome TS100 Soldering Iron, and this single item is what helped them rapidly grow in popularity, due to the impressive quality coupled with fancy features – all in a beautifully portable design that can even be powered by LiPo Cell Packs!

Although Miniware remained somewhat unknown before the launch of the TS100, they have actually been involved in electronics design since as far back as 2000, and they hold the title of being the first in the world to design a portable handheld oscilloscope in 2009. Since then, however, Miniware has been rapidly gaining popularity due to the impressive level of quality and sophistication of each their awesome products, and how they manage to fit even more features and functionality into their handheld devices than many of the popular desktop devices within the same price range.

With almost every single one of their awesome products being a truly valuable addition to almost any workshop space, Miniware are one of our favourite brands. And while they certainly don’t release new products often, we simply love to get new goodies in from the moment they are prototyped, so that we can enjoy the awesome new features (both novel and functional) that they have chosen to integrate.