Dual Z-Axis Upgrade Kit for the TEVO Tarantula



This Dual Z-Axis Upgrade Kit is simple to install on the TEVO Tarantula, offering more stability, improved print accuracy and better overall print quality.

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When it comes to 3D Printing quality, there are so many different factors that all add up and work together to produce great prints, making it not just a science, but an art as well. Fortunately, this means that there are a variety of different ways in which you can improve the quality of your prints, without having to delve too deep into the actual mechanics, electronics and programming of the machines. One such upgrade is the Dual Z-Axis Upgrade Kit, which is designed for the TEVO Tarantula and provides extra stability and positional accuracy – and consequently print quality – for the gantry and extruder.

This upgrade is impressively simple to install, allowing even beginners to enjoy the full benefits of it, and just needs a slight amount of cable management and some time spent getting it levelled and calibrated to the right position. It fits along the overhanging bar above the gantry and plugs into the control box, acting as a secondary support rail so that the gantry is not being lifted with a single Stepper Motor on only one of the sides.

This secondary support helps to reduce the stress of the original rail and motor, so that the 3D Printer can maintain better positional accuracy. This translates to better quality prints, but also offers the extra benefit of less maintenance, with longer lasting positional accuracy and less overall stress – on both the machine and the user. The leadscrew that comes with the upgrade kit is a TR8x2 leadscrew, so that it matches the original leadscrew perfectly and can simply operate on the same motor inputs as the original motor.

Dual Z-Axis Upgrade Kit Includes:

  • Stepper Motor

– NEMA 17 - 17HD40005-C5.18 (OEM Model)

  • Cabling

– Dual Stepper Parallel Cable

  • Leadscrew

– TR8x2

  • Leadscrew Nut

– TR8x2 (Nuts & Bolts included)

  • Leadscrew Coupler

– Couples Leadscrew and Motor Shaft

  • Motor Mount

– Included

  • Leadscrew Nut Mount

– Included


Typical Applications for the Dual Z-Axis Upgrade Kit for the TEVO Tarantula:

The Dual Z-Axis Upgrade Kit for the TEVO Tarantula is designed to improve printing quality with as little stress as possible for the user, and it does well to achieve these objectives. It is relatively easy to install for veterans and beginners alike, and simply requires the user to install the NEMA 17 Stepper Motor, leadscrew and coupler, and then plug the cable into the main controller. This ensures that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this upgrade kit regardless of your technical expertise, with low downtime and a relatively low amount of effort to install it.

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Dual Z-Axis Upgrade Kit for the TEVO Tarantula

Dual Z-Axis Upgrade Kit for the TEVO Tarantula