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Screw On Thermistor - M3 Stud



This Screw on Thermistor with M3 Stud is stocked as an upgrade thermistor for hotends like the E3D V6 and i3 – Simple installation with reliable quality.

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This Screw-On Thermistor with M3 Stud is a specially designed product for the Wanhao i3 V2.1, and is stocked as both a replacement part as well as an upgrade for a variety of hotends like the E3D V6. It was designed with the core of focus of being simple to install while offering high accuracy in reading and monitoring temperatures for 3D Printing.

The way that it screws in with an M3 stud, compared to the old style of using a washer and screw, makes it not only easy to replace or install, but also ensures a more secure connection that won’t stress the wiring – translating to a longer lifespan and more accurate measurements throughout its life.

The unit consists of a 104GT-2 thermistor built into a stud with wiring that leads into an easy-connection box. All of the parts are made from metal and PTFE, which allows for a temperature accuracy of ± 1%, and additionally offers a more neat and tidy setup when compared to the stock NTC Thermistor.


Screw On Thermistor M3 Stud  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Thermistor

– 104GT-2                                       

  • Materials

– PTFE and Metal

  • Size

– 65 x 6 x 4mm

  • Stud Thread Size

– M3

  • Accuracy

– ± 1%

  • 3D Printer Compatibility

– Wanhao i3 Range


Typical Applications for the Screw On Thermistor M3 Stud:

This Screw On Thermistor with M3 Stud is designed for the Wanhao i3 range of 3D Printers. It is stocked as a replacement part, but could also be an upgrade that improves upon the stock NTC thermistor. It uses the 104GT-2 thermistor built into a neat and tidy package that not only offers greater effectiveness and efficiency, but also reduces damage to the wires.

Overall, this part is a great investment whether you are replacing or upgrading, and is relatively inexpensive for the benefits that it offers.


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Screw On Thermistor - M3 Stud

Screw On Thermistor - M3 Stud