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The Mosquito Extreme Temperature Thermistor

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The Mosquito Thermistor is designed specifically for Extreme Temperatures, offering precision accuracy from 25°C room temp' up to a whopping 450°C!

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For anyone who loves keeping up with modern 3D Printing Tech’, by now you will have certainly heard of Slice Engineering, a team of passionate engineers who have taken a fresh new approach to hotend assemblies and components. Slice Engineering, instead of simply cloning or improving existing models on the market, have decided to leverage the capabilities of specialised alloys, and this has resulted in revolutionary new products like The Mosquito Hotend, which uses a bimetallic heatbreak, for example, to offer excellent thermal conductivity while simultaneously throttling the heat and preventing it from creeping up towards the cooling tower. This seemingly basic but very clever manufacturing technique has catapulted them into the forefront of 3D Printing tech’, and since the beginning of 2018, Slice Engineering have been gaining popularity as true leaders in innovative Hotend and Component design.

This Mosquito Extreme Temperature Thermistor is one such example of the amazing engineering prowess of Slice Engineering, and it is the only hobbyist-grade thermistor in 3D Printing that is capable of accurate measurements ranging all the way from ambient room temperature up to a whopping 450°C. And while some Makers and manufacturers have achieved this in the past, until now, these systems would typically utilise dual thermistors of different ratings, or would only kick into action from a specific temperature upwards. Now, however, with the Mosquito Extreme Temperature Thermistor, you can rely on accurate readings from 25°C up to 450°C, without any odd modifications or requiring dual thermistors just to ensure your hotend is working optimally.

Bear in mind that the Mosquito Extreme Temperature Thermistor is primarily designed for The Mosquito Hotend, although the relatively universal fit of 15mm length and 3mm diameter means that it can be used for other Hotend Assemblies as well. Despite this almost universal fitting though, it’s recommended to use effective thermal paste to thermally couple the thermistor with the hotend, and if possible, we always recommend the intended Boron Nitride Paste, which has been specifically selected as the best thermal paste for the Mosquito Thermistor. And finally, so as to accommodate as many different Controller Boards and 3D Printers as possible, this ca

Please Note: This Thermistor may require you to Update the ADC Lookup Table in the Firmware of your 3D Printer, and as such we only recommend this unit for 3D Makers who really know what they’re doing. However, 3D Printers that are running Marlin Firmware should already have native support under the name “Thermistor #67” in the settings, but if you’re unsure of how to go about changing this, it’s a good idea to research and learn about the process before making the final decision on whether to buy this upgrade or not.


Mosquito Extreme Temperature Thermistor  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Temperature Range

– 25°C to 450°C                                                                      

  • Recommended Heater Cartridge

Mosquito 12V 50W Heater Cartridge

– Mosquito 24V 50W Heater Cartridge

  • Recommended Thermal Compound

Boron Nitride Paste

  • Connector Type

– Bare/Tinned Wires

  • Cable Length

– 2m

  • Dimensions

– 15mm Long | 3mm Diameter


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  • For more detailed information about the various different products of Slice Engineering, as well as dimensions, schematics and other useful information, be sure to visit this Slice Engineering Documentation Page.
  • Furthermore, if there’s anything else you might want to know that hasn’t been mentioned above, check out the Slice Engineering FAQ’s Page, where they have great answers for common questions about their product range.


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