Thermistor 100k 1% NTC Pre-Wired Expand

Thermistor 100k 1% NTC Pre-Wired



If you need a reliable temperature sensor to maintain accurate temperatures for your 3D Printer, this 100K 1% NTC Thermistor is an excellent choice.

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In the world of 3D Printing, temperatures are vital for producing quality prints, as the hotend assembly needs to be heated to exact temperatures in order to effectively melt 3D Filaments to the perfect glass-transition stage. Additionally, for polymers like ABS, the heatbed also needs to be at a good temperature to help with adhesion, in order to prevent the plastics from lifting or warping off the bed as well. This is why high-accuracy sensors like these Thermistor 100K 1% NTC Temperature Sensors are so important, as they allow you to identify and control temperatures with extreme precision in order to consistently enjoy the results that you want from your 3D printer.


Thermistor 100K 1% NTC Pre-Wired  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Accuracy Tolerance

– ±0.2°C

  • Dissipation Constant

– 2.7mW/°C

  • Stability Drift

– Less than 0.02°C per Year

  • Thermal Time Constant

– 0.5 to 5 Seconds

  • Pre-Wired Cable Length

– 100cm


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Thermistor 100k 1% NTC Pre-Wired

Thermistor 100k 1% NTC Pre-Wired