Thin Film Pressure Sensor - Round, 18mm OD - Cover Expand

Thin Film Pressure Sensor - Round, 18mm OD

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These Round Thin Film Pressure Sensors offer an 18mm diameter and both static as well as dynamic pressure sensing for all kinds of cool applications.

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Although we all love to press buttons, especially if they’re those extra-clicky buttons that kick your finger back as they activate, sometimes projects call for more discrete methods of user interaction, allowing users to enjoy your project like magic, with the controls hidden away and simple gestures or carefully placed knocks activating various effects. This is when you need awesome discrete Buttons & Switches such as Thin Film Pressure Sensors like these, which are little 18mm Circles that can identify and measure force between 20g and 6kg. They are made in a similar way to how many Rain or Liquid Sensors are made, measuring the resistance between elements as the conductivity fluctuates, although instead of using liquids as the conducting element, the flexible PCB stretches, pushing the elements closer together or further apart, resulting in a change in resistance and being identified as pressure.

In a similar fashion to the smaller 8mm OD Pressure Sensors that we stock, these 18mm OD sensors are a great choice for both discrete and standard applications, offering a tiny form factor that can easily be hidden away behind a collar or cuff, or simply installed in plain view for all to see. This open-ended nature is then complemented with both static and dynamic load capabilities, meaning that it can be used as both a standard button, but also as a sort of Load Cell or weight sensor, keeping track of the contents of snack jars or activating your personal fan when you sit down. However you want to use them though, you can enjoy the ultra-simple 2-wire interfacing, discrete form factor, as well as versatile style of usage for an incredibly wide range of projects and applications.

Finally, if you can see a lot of potential in these tiny, handy sensors, but are looking for versions with different shapes, sizes or tolerances, don’t forget to check out the entire Thin Film Pressure Sensor Range that we have to offer.


Medium Round Thin Film Pressure Sensor  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier


  • Trigger Force

– 20g

  • Trigger Resistance

– <200kΩ

  • Pressure Measuring Range

– 20g to 6kg

  • Modes of Measurement

– Static Pressure

– Dynamic Pressure (Up to 10Hz)

  • Initial Resistance

– >10MΩ

  • Typical Activation Time

– <0.01s

  • Expected Lifespan

– >1 Million Activations

  • Drift

– <5% | 2.5kg Force | Static Load: 24H

  • Hysteresis

– +10% | (RF+ -RF-)/FR+ | 1000g Force

  • EMI

– N/A

  • EDS

– N/A

  • Operating Temperatures

– -40° to +85°C

  • Thickness

– 0.4mm

  • Dimensions (Pressure Point)

– 15mm Diameter

  • Dimensions (Entire Unit)

– 18.3 x 32mm


Typical Applications for Medium Round Thin Film Pressure Sensors:

In a similar fashion to Piezo Sensors as well as many other discrete sensors, we particularly enjoy thin film pressure sensors because of the way that they can be hidden away beneath almost any soft materials, and this includes mousepads, soft bracelets, the hems in clothing and so many more unique locations in which typical buttons simply wouldn’t be convenient. This enables the creation of fun projects like e-textiles that change their patterns when you tug on your collar, discrete controls hidden beneath a mousepad or similar desktop surface, or even underneath the cushion of a chair to react when users take a seat. These are a few decent examples though, and when used with other modules like the Arduino LilyPad UNO or the ever-popular Electroluminescent Wire, these Thin Film Pressure Sensors can be used for so much more, while keeping the magic discretely hidden from all onlookers.


Additional Resources:

  • If you really want to get in-depth with this sensor, as well as any other from this particular range, this DFRobot Thin Film Pressure Sensor Wiki is the place to get started, with formulas for measuring loads, sample code for Arduino, and handy insights from the experts who made them. (Code for this unit is SEN0294)


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Thin Film Pressure Sensor - Round, 18mm OD

Thin Film Pressure Sensor - Round, 18mm OD

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