USB A to USB Micro - 5m Expand

Micro USB Cable - 5m



This 5m USB-A to Micro USB cable is made to connect mobile phones, Arduino boards and other Micro USB devices to laptops or PC’s.

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These USB-A to USB Micro cables are standard USB 2.0 cables made to connect mobile devices like smart phones, Arduino Boards, cameras and MP4 players to computers or laptops. They come in lengths of 5 meters and feature a Male USB-A connector on one end with a Male USB Micro connector on the other. This allows you to transfer data between computers and other devices at up to 480Mbps, or to charge devices from a computer or wall adapter.

The length is carefully chosen to accommodate a variety of use cases, from basic use next to the computer or laptop, all the way through to connecting devices across a workshop or bedroom. It stays within the 5m limit that USB Cables have, ensuring that data doesn’t get corrupted during transfers and that sufficient charge can be delivered when charging the batteries of devices. These cables are also equipped with EMF shielding, with a protective Ferrite core to reduce any chances of interference or data corruption due to other power cables or electromagnetic fields produced by Electronics.


5m USB-A to Micro USB Cable  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Connector Types

– USB-A Male to Micro USB Male

  • USB Compatibility

– USB 1.1 / USB 2.0

  • Cable Length

– 5m

  • Cable Colour

– Blue

  • Data Transfer Rate

– 480Mbps

  • Shielding

– Protective Ferrite Core


Typical Applications for these 5m USB-A to Micro USB Cables:

The most common use case that our customers utilise these 5m USB-A to USB Micro cables for includes data transfer and powering of Arduino and Raspberry Pi development platforms. However, because of the widespread use for the types of USB connectors featured on this cable, it also has a variety of other use cases as well. These include charging or accessing mobile devices like smart phones, MP3 and MP4 players, digital cameras as well as many more small devices. The long cable length also ensures that it has good reach for working on projects across a workshop or bedroom, while ensuring it doesn’t succumb to substantial data or power loss – which is the reason USB cables can’t be longer than 5 meters.


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Micro USB Cable - 5m

Micro USB Cable - 5m