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Micro USB Cable with Switch - 1.5m Power Only

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Give your USB fans, powerbanks and other devices an elegant on/off switch with this fantastic 1.5m USB cable from DFRobot.

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Within electronics, there are a few designs that have been able to withstand the test of time and evolve alongside all of the other associated technologies, of which the USB Cable is arguably the most well known throughout the world. And while the ethernet protocol is certainly competing for number one position for both popularity and versatility, the advances of mobile devices have catapulted USB into the lead for a large majority of consumers.

This is why we just knew that we had to get our hands on these Micro USB Cables with Switches, which feature a simple but elegant on/off solution to allow users to turn devices like PowerBanks, USB fans and other goodies on or off without having to connect or disconnect the cable. This offers the benefit of added convenience, while also extending the lifespan of the cable and connected device ports, which would typically be subject to relatively high wear and tear depending on how often you plug and unplug the cable.

Utilising a simple single pole single throw design, the onboard switch on these cables makes an audible (very satisfying) click sound when flipped between on and off, with firm seating so that you can’t mistakenly leave the switch in halfway position.

Please Note: It’s important to note that this specialised cable is designed for power use only, and does not transmit data. If you’re looking for cables that can transmit both power and data (but without a switch) please be sure to look through our USB Cables category.


Micro USB Cable with Switch  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Connector Types

– USB-A Male to Micro USB Male      

  • Cable Type

– Power Only / No Data

  • Switch Type

– Single Pole Single Throw

  • Cable Max Ratings

– 5V / 2.5A

  • Cable Colour

– Black

  • Cable Length

– 1.5m


Typical Applications for the Micro USB Cable with Switch:

While this Micro USB Cable can be used to power almost any 5V device that features a micro USB port and runs at up to 2.5A, it is designed as a simple power cable only and does not transmit data. However, it is truly fantastic as a power only cable, and here at the office we particularly like the fact that these cables are long enough to extend between desks and even provide sufficient ratings to power the hungry LattePanda Boards and other MCU boards like Raspberry Pi. So, whether you want to give your PowerBank switch functionality or make your own USB fan with a built-in switch in the cable, these Switched Micro USB cables are perfect for almost any USB-based project.


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Micro USB Cable with Switch - 1.5m Power Only

Micro USB Cable with Switch - 1.5m Power Only

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