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USB-A to USB-B Cable - 2.5m



Our 2.5m USB-B Cable connects USB-A host devices like laptops and computers to USB-B devices like external hard drives, optical drives and 3D printers.

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Our 2.5m USB-B Cable is a USB compatible cable intended to connect standard USB Type-A ports on hosts with USB Type-B ports on receiving devices. These cables have been designed specifically for use with external devices like printers, optical drives and external hard drives, and the reason why it has two different connectors is so that two hosts are never able to connect to each other – which would typically cause damage to one or both of the systems.

This cable comes in a length of three meters, which is long enough to stretch the width of a medium sized office. It can be extended with other USB Cables like USB extensions, but the maximum distance a USB cable can be before suffering data loss or corruption is five meters, so keep that in mind. For any typical application within a small to medium sized office, workshop or bedroom, three meters is typically a sufficient length.


2.5m USB-A to USB-B Cable  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Connector Types

– USB Type A / USB Type B  (Host to Receiver)

  • USB-A Compatibility

– USB1.1, USB2.0, USB3.0

  • USB-B Compatibility

– USB1.1, USB2.0

  • Cable Length

– 2.5m


Typical Applications for 2.5m USB-A to USB-B Cables:

Our 2.5m USB-B Cables are stocked primarily to cater to 3D Printing enthusiasts, but can be used for any external devices like standard printers or external hard drives. We also stock them in various lengths as well, and if you are in need of a different length cable, our 5m USB-B Cables and 1.5m USB-B Cables are available too.


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USB-A to USB-B Cable - 2.5m

USB-A to USB-B Cable - 2.5m