DC-DC Switch Mode Buck MP1584 Mini - 5V Fixed Output Expand

DC-DC Switch Mode Buck MP1584 Mini - 5V Fixed Output



The DC-DC Switch Mode Buck MP1584 Mini offers a 5V Fixed Output at a maximum current of 2A – Ideal for lightweight hobbyist electronics projects.

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When building circuits or hobbyist projects at home, finding the right Power Supplies to provide the precise voltages and currents you need can be tricky. This is why we stock the DC-DC Switch Mode Buck MP1584 Mini Module with 5V Fixed Output, which can take a supply of between 4.5V to 28V DC and convert it down to a fixed 5V DC output at between 1.5A and 3A. This enables you to power your projects from a wide range of different supplies, resting easy in knowing that your project is getting the clean 5V that it needs to operate at full efficiency.

This module is designed to almost the same specification as our MP1584 Variable Voltage Module, but instead of offering a potentiometer to adjust the voltage, this module is built to provide a fixed, clean and regulated 5V DC supply with very low ripple or fluctuation. This means, despite not offering the same versatility as the variable voltage model, it is ideally suited for applications requiring precisely 5V of clean and Regulated Power, such as projects that would be typically be powered by USB.

Alongside the fixed 5V voltage, this module is set to provide up to 3A peak current, with a safe 1.5A continuous current. However, it can be pushed slightly above this with reliable cooling and a heatsink, although it’s recommended to utilise this module only for low-power applications that won’t draw too much voltage or current.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage Range

– 4.5V to 28V DC

  • Output Voltage (Fixed)

– 5V DC

  • Current Rating (Sustained)

– 1.5A

  • Current Rating (Peak)

– 3A

  • Conversion Efficiency

– 92%

  • Switching Frequency

– 1.0MHz


Typical Applications for these 5V Fixed Output DC-DC Switch Mode Buck MP1584 Mini Modules:

Within Hobby Electronics, there are literally thousands of different modules, components, microcontrollers and even entire Development Platforms that operate effectively at 5V DC. This means that this 5V Fixed Output DC-DC Switch Mode Buck MP1584 Mini can be used for all kinds of different electronics and mechanical projects. Ideally though, this module caters best to projects with variable voltages throughout the circuit, and allows you to step down your main power source to accommodate specific components, before boosting it back up to the original rating.

Great examples of this in action include utilising it for LED strips or lighting that would typically be too bright with a standard 9V or 12V supply, Arduino projects that you would typically power from a USB port on a computer, as well as for very lightweight electronics that you are eager to integrate into circuits with higher voltage and current ratings. However, how you use this module is ultimately up to you, and our customers have truly surprised us with some of the ways in which they have incorporated these Electronics Modules into their various projects.

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DC-DC Switch Mode Buck MP1584 Mini - 5V Fixed Output

DC-DC Switch Mode Buck MP1584 Mini - 5V Fixed Output