AC Adapter 20V 5A Power Brick - XT60 Output - Cover Expand

AC Adapter 20V 5A Power Brick - XT60 Output

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The ToolkitRC ADP100 is a beautiful AC Adapter offering 20V 5A in a classic Power Brick style with XT60 Output for all kinds of RC applications.

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RC vehicles and other fun machinery is a popular hobby for a good reason: It’s extremely fun to fly in the air, skim along a surface or dive into the depths as you push your RC gear to its absolute limits to see just how far it can go. However, one part that will always be somewhat of a frustration for RC enthusiasts is battery power and battery life, and while it would be awesome to just keep going forever, our RC gear sometimes has to take a break so that we can recharge the Batteries and keep them topped up and healthy.

This AC Adapter 20V 5A Power Brick is a great solution to help remedy the ever-constant battery problem, offering a handy XT60 Output for high power delivery and capable of up to 100W for RC Tools & Chargers like the M8S Multifunction Charger, the M6 RC Charging Tool, as well as for the WM150 Watt Meter & Sampler. This ensures that, regardless of what charger you like to use, you can rely on this power adapter to deliver the high power ratings your batteries need to keep charged up and operating well. Of course, you can’t just plug this unit directly into your battery cell packs and expect them to charge safely, and so we always recommend reliable Battery Chargers to maintain good battery health, although it is certainly ready to deliver all of the power your chargers need to do their job to the best of their capabilities.


ToolkitRC 20V 5A AC Adapter  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer


  • Model No.

– ADP100 AC/DC Adapter

  • Input Voltage

– 100V to 240V AC | 50/60Hz

  • Input Current

– 1A Max

  • Output Voltage

– 20V DC

  • Output Current

– 5A Max

  • Output Power

– 100W Max

  • Input Ports

– IEC 60320 C5 / Cloverleaf Connector

  • Output Ports

– XT60 High Power Connector

  • Supported Tools/Chargers

ToolkitRC M8S

ToolkitRC M6

ToolkitRC WM150

  • Safe Operating Temperatures

– -10° to +40°C

  • Weight

– 215g

  • Dimensions

– 90 x 90 x 32mm


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AC Adapter 20V 5A Power Brick - XT60 Output

AC Adapter 20V 5A Power Brick - XT60 Output

When dealing with extremely high power Lithium Batteries, it’s always a good idea to keep your batteries well maintained and safe from unexpected faults, although this isn’t always easy to do unless you have the right tools and equipment to help you maintain and manage your batteries properly. This is why we love the ToolkitRC brand, as they are a brand of bright individuals who are passionate about batteries, and are dedicated to providing excellent quality battery charging products for Makers and RC enthusiasts of all skill levels and permissions. This allows everyone to enjoy healthy, happy and well maintained batteries with effective balance charging, precise charge and battery life management, as well as complete ease of use so as to avoid unexpected user errors and other potentially harmful battery faults. As a brand dedicated to ensuring batteries stay alive, healthier and happier for longer, we trust ToolkitRC to provide all of the battery charging tools and equipment we need.