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LED PSU - 12V 300mA



This little LED PSU Module offers 12V DC at 300mA constant current for powering LED strips and individual LED units - A simple solution to powering LED's.

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This little LED PSU Module is capable of supplying 12V DC at 300mA for powering LED’s and LED Strips. It offers a constant current supply that can power around 0.3m of LED strip or about 20 Individual LED’s, depending of course on the ratings of the LED’s and strips, and is capable of using a wide range of different AC and DC connectors.

The white wiring on the left side of the unit is the AC connection, which can be installed into a standard 2-pin or 3-pin wall outlet plug, while the red and black wiring on the right side of the unit is the DC connection, which can be integrated into existing circuitry or combined with a barrel jack or similar connector to make your life even easier.

While this LED PSU may not be the most powerful unit on the market, or even within our range of LED Power Supplies, it is often the most convenient and affordable choice for lightweight electronics and LED Lighting applications.


12V 300mA LED PSU  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplied Voltage

– 12V DC                                                                                 

  • Supplied Current

– 300mA (Constant Current)

  • Estimated LED Supply Capabilities

– ±0.33 Metre Strip / ±20 LED Units

  • AC Connector

– 2 x White Wires

  • DC Connector

– Red + Black Wires

  • Maximum Operating Temperature

– 70°C


Typical Applications for these 12V 300mA LED PSU’s:

This little 12V 300mA LED PSU module is one of the best options on the market if you are looking for a lightweight PSU for Electronics or LED projects. It has a surprisingly diverse level of functionality for its price, and the open-wire connection style allows it to be used for a very wide range of different applications. However, if you are looking for a more powerful PSU for a larger project or for longer LED strips, consider checking out our range of LED Power Supplies to find one that perfectly suits the needs of the project you’re working on.


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LED PSU - 12V 300mA

LED PSU - 12V 300mA