The Sticker Collector Odyssey

Surprise, Makers! Octi has gone sticker crazy, and we’re loving it. All DIYElectronics orders will now contain a limited edition sticker every month, in addition to our regular brand stickers.

Collect our monthly stickers with unique designs and fit them together in a honeycomb wall of Maker pride. And there’s rare shinies to grab too! Read on for details.

How to Collect Them All?

The Sticker Collector Odyssey begins February 2024. We couldn’t wait to give you a peek at the first three designs. Aren’t they gorgeous? As an appreciation to all our wonderful loyal customers, you can collect them all for free. Included in each monthly purchase, you’ll receive a new sticker to add to your collection.

For February 2024, we’re kicking off with Octi’s close-up sticker design 2o24 in all orders, plus our first special edition sticker 1o24 in orders over R1250, while stock lasts. Then, look out for design 3o24 in March 2024. A new limited edition sticker will arrive in your orders every month. Remember to place your order by the end of each month to get the new sticker. Check back on this page to see what stickers are coming next. We’re adding stickers all year long!

Special edition stickers are shiny collectables to find! Be the lucky Maker to get these shiny holographic stickers in special times throughout the year. Octi’s rocket, design 1o24, is our first special edition sticker released as a bonus in February for all orders over R1250. Look out for more shiny holographic stickers in the months to come!

Build a Honeycomb Wall of DIYElectronics Stickers

Keep an eye on this space and follow our social media channels for exciting sticker reveals! And remember to share your building collection with us.