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The Ender 5 S1 3D Printer sports the reinforced cube design with a new take on the All-Metal 300°C Sprite Direct Drive Extruder, CR-Touch auto-levelling, and a staggering high-speed of up to 250mm/s.

220x220x280mm | 32-Bit Silent Motherboard | CR-Touch Auto-Levelling | 250mm/s Print Speed | 300°C All-Metal DDS Sprite Extruder | PC Spring Steel Build Plate

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After the explosive release of the Ender 3 S1 Series and Creality’s new Sprite Direct Drive Extruder design, we’ve been eagerly anticipating more Creality model lines to jump onboard this latest revolution of modern advances. Now the Ender 5 series is the first to come out with the brand-new Ender 5 S1 3D Printer, complete with new features and a Sprite extruder with an interesting twist.

The Ender 5 S1 sports the same cube reinforced design and standard 220x220x280mm build volume, but with an upgraded motion system to reach impressively high print speeds. The overhead gantry and dual Y-Axis belts allow perfect opportunities to focus on speed as well as stable reliability while printing. Creality boasts a max print speed of 250mm/s and 300°C printing temperatures, which allows you to tackle professional materials at record speeds. The Ender 5 S1 3D Printer is certainly a step up for the popular Ender 5 range and bids a warm welcome to Makers into the joys of high-speed printing.


What’s New on the Creality Ender 5 S1 3D Printer?

Many of the new features of the Creality Ender 5 S1 are the upgrades we were waiting to see. While built to offer a slightly shorter build volume of 220x220x280mm than an original Ender 5, this 3D Printer improves your 3D Printing experience with a bucket load of convenient features.

Let’s have a deeper look into the key benefits of the Ender 5 S1 3D Printer:

  • 250mm/s High-Speed Printing – The Ender 5 S1 boasts high-speed printing due to its upgraded motion system and box-design reminiscent of a CoreXY 3D Printer. Two Y-Axis belts now sync with high-precision stepper motors with increased torque. This ultimately boosts the printer’s ability for acceleration which translates to a max print speed of 250mm/s. While this is an impressive number, your realistic print speeds at good quality output will actually land around 120mm/s, which is still fantastic! The sturdy design sets the Ender 5 S1 up for speeds that flimsier Ender 3 styles can’t hope to withstand.
  • New All-Metal Direct Drive Sprite Extruder –Creality’s Sprite Extruder has turned the eye of many Makers for its elegant design as an effective direct drive extruder. The Ender 5 S1, however, takes a step further with some modifications. The same dual drive gears and pancake stepper motor remains to provide consistent filament feeding, crucial for flexible filaments. But fast printing brings a unique challenge of melting the filament. To fix this, a brawny heater block allows the hotend to spew enough molten filament as the printer whizzes about. The cooling tower was too beefed up to increase heat dissipation. With these slight improvements the All-Metal Sprite Extruder is ready to reach high printing temperatures at high speeds.
  • 300°C High-Temperature Printing – Since the Ender 5 S1 hotend assembly is so integrated into the Sprite Extruder itself, the same considerations were taken for the impact of speed on the printer’s temperature range. So, a chunky 5015 blower fan is attached to the re-design and sits at the back of the print head with a dual-sided fan shroud streaming right towards the extruded filament. This setup offers two-dimensional cooling which significantly helps printing at fast speeds. The 300°C printing temperature also opens more interesting 3D filaments for you to explore, from the classic PLA or PETG to the more advanced TPU, ABS, PC or ASA.
  • PC Spring Steel Flexible Build Plate – A removable flexible print surface is a must for modern printer models these days, giving you the easy convenience of “popping” your prints off the build surface. You don’t need to reach around the Ender 5 S1 printer’s box design to painstakenly scrape prints off the bed. You can simply remove the PC Spring Steel Sheet and flex it to peel your print free. We will caution that the PC surface is extremely effective at sticking to prints in many cases. A good trick is to lay a layer of print glue to act as an intermediate layer between the print and the bed for you to remove prints without damaging them.
  • CR-Touch Automatic Bed-LevellingThe Ender 5 S1 still provides the classic manual levelling knobs on the print carriage, but the installation of the CR-Touch means your struggle to find that perfect level is over. Automatic bed-levelling is a popular upgrade that’s beginning to become a standard feature for modern 3D Printer models. With this in mind, Creality has improved their original BL Touch into the CR Touch with a metallic sensor pin and optical sensor technology. Your Ender 5 S1 will automatically level using 16 points on the bed surface and compensate for any differing height points while printing.

We can say that the Ender 5 S1 3D Printer certainly looks like a professional option for Makers with a need for speed. With the addition of a 3D Printer Enclosure, this printer will produce smooth results for advanced filaments. But even on its own, the Ender 5 S1 is a premium level 3D Printer that takes user convenience into consideration with small handy additions like automatic bed-levelling and a filament runout sensor and a sturdy box-design ready to pump out quality 3D prints!


Creality Ender 5 3D Printer - Technical Specifications:

  • Printing Technology                                                         


  • Build Volume

– 220x220x280mm

– Actual Bed Size = 235 x 235mm

  • Chassis Size (Desk Space Required)

– 425x460x570mm

  • Filament Diameter Compatibility

– 1.75mm

  • Extruder Style

– Sprite Dual-Gear Direct Drive with

  • Extruder Material

– All-Metal

  • Stock Nozzle

– 0.4mm Brass Nozzle

  • Stock Hotend Assembly

– Creality Ender 5 S1 Hotend Assembly

  • Maximum Hotend Temperature

– 300°C

  • Print Platform Style

– PC spring steel sheet

  • Print Platform Max Temperature

– 110°C

  • Printing Speed (Stable)

– 120mm/s

  • Printing Speed (Max)

– up to 250mm/s

  • Layer Height (Resolution)

– 100 to 400 microns

  • Motherboard / Primary Controller

– 32-bit Creality Silent Motherboard V1.3

  • User Interface

– 4.3inch Colour Touch Screen LCD Display

  • Slicing Software Compatibility

– Creality Slicer | Creality Print | Cura | Repetier-Host | Simplify3D

  • File Transfer Method

– Memory SD Card | USB Type-C Cable

  • Bed Levelling System

– Automatic: CR Touch Auto-Levelling Sensor

  • Print Resume Functionality

– Included

  • Filament Runout Sensor

– Included

  • Chassis Materials

– Black Anodised Aluminium / Steel Plating

  • Included Slicing Software

Cura Slicer (Download Latest Version Here)

  • Included 3D Printing Filament

– 200g PLA Filament

  • Distinct Features

– Up to 250mm/s High-Speed Printing

– Stable Cube Frame

– Sprite Direct Drive Extruder

– CR Touch Auto-Levelling

  • Weight (Printer)

– 12.1kg

  • Weight (Package)

– 14.7kg

  • Operating Voltage

– 24V DC

  • Power Supply Input

– 100V to 240V AC

  • Power Supply Output

– 350W


Parts Included with the Creality Ender 5 S1 3D Printer:

  • Ender 3 S1 3D Printer Assembly Components
  • 1x Blue Wire Clip & Bending Harness                                          
  • Assembly Bolts & Screws
  • 5x Flexible Flat Cable Clips
  • 1x Teflon Tube
  • 5x Cable Ties
  • 1x Spare Brass 0.4mm Nozzle
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x 200g Filament
  • 1x SD Card & Reader
  • 1x Metal Scraper
  • 1x Nozzle Cleaner
  • 1x Cutting Plier
  • Assembly Tools


Our Verdict on the Creality Ender 5 S1 3D Printer:

As essentially a combination between the Ender 3 S1 and the Ender 5 original, this Ender 5 S1 3D Printer takes its place into the top tier list of hobbyist 3D Printers. In fact, it is one of the few high-speed printers available to Makers. While we wouldn’t dare equate it to the pure brilliance of the LDO Voron printer, the Ender 5 S1 gives you a close taste to the speeds that 3D Printing technology is truly capable of reaching.

The truth is the higher print speeds climb the more printers usually sacrifice on quality, but technology is slowly catching up. At 120mm/s, we found that the Ender 5 S1 3D Printer produces good test prints and even cranking the speed up sees little difference. Naturally, these results are easier to produce with PLA, the easiest of filaments to print with, while others like ABS are tougher to print, let alone at high speeds. But we were pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Ender 5 S1 as a high-speed option for Makers. The most crucial benefit is the Ender 5 S1 printer’s sturdier box-design and thick base that minimalizes vibrations as much as possible.

The Ender 5 S1 also throws us a new re-design of their Sprite Extruder to allow you to achieve high temperatures despite the challenges of high-speed printing. The change to the Sprite Extruder was confusing at first to hear about as we are fans of the all-metal Sprite pro design as it is and would be all too happy about its inclusion on the Ender 5 S1. But the hotend itself requires these tweaks to account for the amount of filament needing to melt and push through your print head at such high speeds, plus the part cooling required for your print. The result is a print head that is sleek and refined for masterful creations.

All these alterations to the original Ender 5 design serve elevate your 3D printing experience. We also mention in the description above how many convenient features appear on the Ender 5 S1. CR-Touch Auto-levelling, a flexible build plate and filament runout sensor are additions that make your life easier as a Maker and are rightfully becoming mainstream in many 3D Printer ranges. The Creality Ender 5 S1 3D Printer is certainly an attractive model for hobbyists and professionals alike with a need for speed and a passion for making.

If you’re interested in a different opinion, Brian at BV3D reviews the Ender 5 S1 3D Printer on his YouTube Channel with this informative helpful video:

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Creality Ender 5 S1 3D Printer

Creality Ender 5 S1 3D Printer

Although Creality 3D have been working within the industry since 2014, their addition of the Creality CR-10 series is what really catapulted them to the front line of competition, as it offered substantially better quality compared to other 3D printers – while simultaneously reducing the cost and complexities of the machines.

The quality of Creality’s 3D Printers and accessories shows through in their market history, with the brand selling around 3000 printers in their first year on the market, followed by about 10,000 sales over the next year. Now, Creality easily sells around 30,000 or more 3D printers each year, with sales continuously rising as they bring out more models. These are impressive numbers when considering the fact that they entered the industry as unknown competitors, quickly rising through the ranks and now even competing with Wanhao and similar top brands.

If you are looking for excellent 3D Printers that offer affordability without compromising on quality, Creality 3D is certainly a brand that you should take note of. From the basic Creality Ender 2 all the way up to the large build volume Creality CR-10 S5, there are few other brands who are capable of offering such a refined package while still maintaining some of the most enticing prices in the industry.