Creality CR-Laser Falcon Engraver - 5W Expand

Creality CR-Laser Falcon Engraver - 5W

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Become a laser wizard with the Creality 5W CR-Laser Falcon Engraver, a stable gantry to place over and inscribe stainless steel or cut 5mm wood in one pass.

400x415mm Work Area | 5W Laser Power | 0.06mm Precision | Gyroscope Tilt Detection | Stable Smooth Motion

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Engraving and cutting our ingenious designs through wood and metal with lasers is just the awesome hobby that we’re all about as Makers. Like a mad scientist with a laser gun, you can blast absolutely beautiful wooden artwork, custom coasters, and leather designs to life. Creality’s Falcon is the first full Laser Engraver CNC machine we stock, and we are so excited to tell you what it can do. Designed for affordability and function, the Creality CR-Laser Falcon impressed us with it’s simple yet powerful model, creating a standalone laser engraver and cutter for any occasion.

This Creality CR-Laser Falcon Engraver features a 5W powerful laser module with 0.06mm precision, a sturdy structure with 400x415mm work area, and easy one-button control panel. This simple configuration means your laser head can move freely to draw any pattern you choose. The precision of Creality’s unique laser and smooth motion result in incredibly detailed “prints” of laser engraved patterns or full photos onto multiple materials. This is the 5W version of our powerful 10W Creality CR-Laser Falcon Engraver, which can cut and engrave even more powerfully. Whether using this machine for professional projects or creating unique home décor, the Creality CR-Laser Falcon Engraver multiple features are worth a deeper look.

Awesome Features of the Creality 5W CR-Laser Falcon Engraver

  • 400x415mm Stable Work Area – A good large engraving area is open to create large laser prints of your favourite photos and designs as big as wall posters. The sturdy gantry zooms across the whole space on 4 v-shaped motion wheels and high-tension timing belt, driven by one stepper motor. Surprisingly lightweight, the whole machine is easily picked up and placed atop the wood or surface being engraved.
  • 5W Laser Cuts and Engraves Multiple Materials – The 5W CR-Laser head on this Creality Falcon Engraver is a powerful well-designed laser in the hobbyist market. It uses 6 lenses for ultra precision at 0.06mm for those finer details.  Easily cut through materials, like 5mm wood, in just one pass. While the 10W version of this laser offers more power stronger lines, this 5W laser still allows you to engrave patterns on stainless steel. Etch your name onto your favourite spoon and enjoy unleashing your creativity. See a full list of applicable materials in the specifications table below.
  • Safety Gyroscope Tilt Detection – An in-built gyroscope automatically detects any accidental tilt, flip or drop while printing. A buzzer will sound and stop the laser. This crucial safety feature gives peace of mind.
  • One-Button Operation – A control panel box on the side of the Creality CR-Laser Falcon Engraver provides easy functionality, an added on/off switch, and connection ports. Plug an USB-C cable in to connect your PC and engrave straight from Lightburn. Or use a MicroSD card with a single file to start your engraving with the single button to start, pause and stop.
  • User Friendly Features – Creality threw in even more great features for convenience with working with this machine. Some include the easily adjustable height on the laser head, the included multi-level focus tool, bubble leveler, laser protective cover, and multiple millimetric scales on the X and Y profiles.
  • Supplier

Creality 5W CR-Laser Falcon Engraver – Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier                                                    

– Creality 3D

  • Spot Size

– 0.06mm

  • Cutting Thickness

– 0 to 5mm

  • Optical Power

– 10

  • Engraving Speed

– Max. 1000 mm/min

  • Light Source

– Semiconductor Laser

  • Output Voltage

– 24V DC | 3A

  • Engraving Depth

– 0 to 3mm

  • Laser Wavelength

– 455±5 nm

  • Engraving Precision

– 254 dpi

  • Engraving Area

– 400x415mm

  • Input Voltage

– 100V to 240V | 50 to 60 Hz

  • Slicing File Format

– svg | png | jpg | jpeg | bmp | dxf

  • Support OS

– Windows | MacOS

  • Engraving File Format

–.gcode (After Slicing)

  • Slicing Software

– LaserGRBL | LightBurn

  • Applicable Materials

– Cardboard | Wood | Bamboo

– Paper | Cotton | Leather | Fabric

– Plastic | Acrylic | Metal

– Matte Stainless Steel | Dark Metallic Surface


Parts Included with Creality 5W CR-Laser Falcon Engraver:

  • 4 x Falcon Extrusion Profiles
  • 1 x Goggles                                                     
  • 1 x Creality CR-Laser 5W Module
  • 1 x Dust-Free Cloth
  • 1 x X-Axis Assembly Kit & Control Box
  • 2 x Linden Plywood
  • 3 x Tripod
  • Assembly Tools, Nuts, & Screws
  • 1 x Power Adapter & Cord
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Multi-Level Fixed Focus Block
  • 3 x Cable Ties
  • 1 x TF Card & Card Reader


Typical Applications for the Creality 5W CR-Laser Falcon Engraver:

Unlock a realm of creative possibilities with the Creality 5W CR-Laser Falcon Engraver. Its versatility extends beyond mere engraving, making it perfect for various applications. Dive into personalized home décor projects, carve intricate patterns on wood and leather, or etch designs onto stainless steel surfaces. Elevate your craftsmanship with this CNC machine's precision and power, whether you're a professional artist or a hobbyist looking to infuse uniqueness into every project. The Creality CR-Laser Falcon is a tool for limitless artistic expression.

Additional Resources:

  • For another opinion on the Creality Falcon Laser Engraver, this YouTube video review from Best Reviews channel gives a great demonstration of the 5W CR-Laser capabilities and features.

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Creality CR-Laser Falcon Engraver - 5W

Creality CR-Laser Falcon Engraver - 5W

Although Creality 3D have been working within the industry since 2014, their addition of the Creality CR-10 series is what really catapulted them to the front line of competition, as it offered substantially better quality compared to other 3D printers – while simultaneously reducing the cost and complexities of the machines.

The quality of Creality’s 3D Printers and accessories shows through in their market history, with the brand selling around 3000 printers in their first year on the market, followed by about 10,000 sales over the next year. Now, Creality easily sells around 30,000 or more 3D printers each year, with sales continuously rising as they bring out more models. These are impressive numbers when considering the fact that they entered the industry as unknown competitors, quickly rising through the ranks and now even competing with Wanhao and similar top brands.

If you are looking for excellent 3D Printers that offer affordability without compromising on quality, Creality 3D is certainly a brand that you should take note of. From the basic Creality Ender 2 all the way up to the large build volume Creality CR-10 S5, there are few other brands who are capable of offering such a refined package while still maintaining some of the most enticing prices in the industry.