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3Dsimo is an impressive brand that, since it’s founding in 2013, has been at the forefront of 3D Pen development. However, David Paskevic, the brains behind the brand, understands that just 3D drawing is not enough for curious and inventive Makers, which is why 3Dsimo offers not just one, but four different models, each with a unique focus to cater to the many unique types of Makers throughout the world.


3Dsimo is a modern-age company that was founded by a Fourth Year Electronics student (and Avid Maker) name David Paskevic in the year 2013, as he noticed a serious lack of development and interest in the area of portable 3D Printing Devices like 3D Pens. This spurred him to create his own 3D Pen named “3Dsimo: The Amazing 3D Pen”, which was welcomed with open arms by Maker communities all over the world, from Prestigious Art schools to home-brew hobbyist hangouts.

The success of the 3Dsimo Pen is largely due to the way that David designed the pen – being a user primarily, who already knew the common shortfalls and problems with the existing models all-too-well. This, in conjunction with some realistic but very hype-worthy Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, helped David further his designs, build the brand and the people within the company, and produce a range of different models, each focused on a unique field of 3D Pen functionality.

Now, just a few years after the initial 3Dsimo 3D Pen was introduced to the world, there are four distinct models, which includes a 3Dsimo Basic Low Temperature Pen, a more Open-Source Kit-Style 3D Pen that users can experiment with, as well as the 3Dsimo Mini and the 3Dsimo MultiPro – both of which feature various tool-head attachments that make them more than just 3D Pens, with interchangeable 3D Printing, Soldering, Shaping and Cutting attachments too!

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