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When it comes to bed levelling in 3D Printing, there are few brands who are better known than ANTCLABS – the makers of the world-famous BLTouch Bed Levelling Sensor. This has, as you probably know, has rapidly gained popularity due to the ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness when compared to other bed levelling sensors, with many major brands like TEVO now equipping BLTouch sensors as stock units on their top machines.


ANTCLABS is a fantastic brand that was founded by the relatively famous South Korean Maker known as Paris Kyung-yeon Lee, who has won multiple awards for her efforts in inventing, Making and other intellectual property related projects. And after seeing a massive gap in the 3D Printing industry for reliable bed levelling sensors, she took on the task of creating the ultimate sensor that not only measures with precision accuracy, but even gets out of the way when not in use, so as to prevent any negative effects on the print while offering optimal accuracy.

Since founding the ANTCLABS brand, the BLTouch sensor has received global recognition as being one of the best, most affordable bed levelling sensors for hobbyists. Additionally, even though the original BLTouch was excellent, Paris made the effort to improve the design even further, and now, three iterations later with the BLTouch V3.0, it not only offers the amazing value that it did originally, but also so much more with an improved pin material, better compatibility and an even simpler level of usability.

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