Micro:Bit Mini Town Activity Line Map – A1 Size - Cover Expand

Micro:Bit Mini Town Activity Line Map – A1 Size

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The Micro:Bit Activity Line Map gives your robotic friends a mini town to learn line tracking, read road symbols, and train on a double-sided colourful A1 map.

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Dubbed the Kitronik Move Mat, this Micro:Bit Activity Line Map gives your robotics friends a racing line track and a mini town to train on. As massive fans of Micro:Bit's continued innovation and dedication to quality and affordability (traits that we also strive to uphold) we couldn’t pass up at the opportunity to get this colourful double-sided activity map. The big A1 heavy-duty paper is durable and easy to unfold whenever you need it. As we all know, training line maps in all shapes and sizes are imperative in any robotics uprising.

On one side, a line-tracking course is set with black lines on a white background and in the shape of a racing track. The other side allows you to get creative with your programming to train your bot how to navigate a mini town map with street lines and building blocks. The town side also marks out perfect spots to place some props to enhance your robotics training.

Please Note: This doesn’t include the cheeky little bot who is photo-bombing some of the images. He was just keen to show off his skills while we were taking the pictures.

Micro:Bit Mini Town Activity Line Map – Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

– Kitronik

  • Size

– A1

  • First Side Design

– Line-Tracking Course

  • Second Side Design

– Mini Town with Street Lines

  • Colours

– Full Colour

  • Symbolled Placements for

– Kitronik Props like Lamps or Stop Streets

  • Material

– Heavy Duty Paper

  • Dimensions

– 841x594mm


Typical Applications for Micro:Bit Activity Line Maps:

While the typical use case for this map is to help with training bots for line-tracking (which we all know is the first step towards world domination), the flipside of this Double-sided Micro:Bit Activity Line Map is a mini town with street lines and placings for buildings, robot props and stop signs. Using this as a colourful base sheet, you can create props out of Micro:bit boards or little stop signs for your robots to rescognise and react to. Program and train your bot friends the rules of the road, stopping automatically as stop streets and waiting for the light to turn green before continuing along the lines of the street.

This line map is compatible with almost any bot that is equipped with line tracking, including the range of buildable bots that are featured in our Robotics Kits category.

So, if the idea of making little robots bend to your whims excites you, then consider getting this inexpensive training course. Check out the quick visual video below to have a peak at how big and fun this map is:

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Micro:Bit Mini Town Activity Line Map – A1 Size

Micro:Bit Mini Town Activity Line Map – A1 Size

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