Solder 0.9mm Flux Core - 250g - Cover Expand

Solder 0.9mm Flux Core - 250g



These are well-sized 250g spools of 0.9mm flux core solder, stocked to help you with prototyping, repairs and Making cool Electronics projects.

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As any Electronics enthusiast will know, soldering is a critical (yet quite enjoyable) part of creating fresh new electronics circuits. It is typically made from lead, tin and other metals with low melting points, and is used to form electrically conductive bridges or mounds for Components, wiring and other electronics parts to connect together in a relatively permanent manner. This is why we always try to keep stock of reliable solder like these spools of 0.9mm Flux Core solder, which we stock in both 500g and 250g, so that you can easily create, fix, modify or otherwise tinker with your electronics, with just help of a handy Soldering Iron and some Solder.

This solder is comprised of 60% lead and 40% tin, and has a flux core that runs all the way through the middle of the solder. This flux automatically runs out and spreads onto the electronics joints and connections, and then cleans the connections before the actual Solder is applied, resulting in secure, highly conductive connections that are not only durable, but also resistant to corrosion and other effects that would be apparent without any flux. Fortunately, when using this solder, you don’t even have to think about the flux though, as it will just happen automatically. Just remember, however, that if you want your circuits to last a long time, it’s a good idea to clean the flux off after soldering, so as to prevent any chances of “dry” solder joints or “solder icicles” forming over time.

If you love to solder, and often find yourself running out when Making fresh new circuitry to unleash upon the world, these 250g spools of 0.9mm flux core solder are the ideal tools to equip your workbench. Alternatively, if you love soldering, and expect to use more than just a “measly” 250 grams, you should certainly take a look at getting the larger 500g Flux Core Solder Spools as well, and consider getting a tiny 29g Solder Coil to fit into your toolbox for times in which you need to solder, but don’t have your handy large spool at hand.


Solder 0.9mm Flux Core  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Solder Type

– Resin Core Solder                          

  • Resin Core

– Natural Gum

  • Solder Diameter

– 0.9mm

  • Solder Total Weight

– 250g

  • Tin Content

– 60% (60T)

  • Lead Content

– 40%


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Solder 0.9mm Flux Core - 250g

Solder 0.9mm Flux Core - 250g