List of products by manufacturer FlashForge

FlashForge is a reputable company that was founded in 2011 with the core vision of “Create a Joyful 3D Life with You”, and this simple but effective vision has led them to become one of the most renowned 3D Printer designers and manufacturers in the world. One of our favourite aspects about FlashForge is that they themselves are end-users and 3D Makers, so they understand how important high-end components are, while also understanding the importance of an affordable price despite the incredible quality that their 3D Printers offer.


FlashForge consists of a team of dedicated and passionate engineers who saw that there was a major gap in the market for high-end 3D Printers – but without high-end price tags attached. And so their journey began, which has over the years resulted in some of the world’s best hobbyist and professional grade 3D Printers, with some of their most impressive models actually placing in the Top 10 for many different 3D Printing News and Reviews sites.

The wide range of 3D Printers that FlashForge offers includes the popular models like the Dreamer, Creator Pro, Guider Series and Adventurer Series, as well as their lesser-known models like the Hunter, the Inventor Series, and a few models that didn’t quite make it to production. This expansive selection is not only amazing because of the sheer choice of different features and functionality that it gives to end-users, but also because it has helped them improve their skills, refine their designs, and nail down their supply chains to ensure premium quality parts at excellent rates – a benefit that they pass down to customers who consequently also get to enjoy reduced pricing on top quality components.

With over 13 sought-after models under their name and continuous development each and every year, FlashForge is a brand that we trust to deliver product and service excellent – but without the high price tag that such excellence typically demands.

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