Crystal 12MHz HC49 PTC Expand

Crystal 12MHz HC49 PTC



The classic clock source for microcontrollers and other projects requiring timing! A range of standard frequencies with Through Hole HC49/US design, making them ideal for breadboard projects!

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Electronics is a unique field in the fact that even the processes and components that seem like the simplest are often still very complex. Such is the case with Crystal Oscillators like these 12MHz PTC Crystals with HC49/US design, which from the outside appear to be simple timing components, capable of maintaining precise frequencies for other components to utilise for better accuracy and wave structures.

Despite the relatively simple function that these offer, crystal resonators are quite complex in nature, with various different styles and crystals and various shapes to achieve subtle differences in functionality. And while many may ponder about the value of a clock-unit in electronics, resonators and oscillators are actually vital for a lot of electronics projects, since most other Electronic Components don’t have the ability to identify frequencies or overall time-frames.

These crystal resonators help other Electronics keep in time with each other, maintain ideal operating frequencies and, ultimately, work according to a predefined timing in order to maintain optimal accuracy.

Please Note: To utilise these crystals, you will need to connect a 22pF Load Capacitor on each leg of this crystal to ground in order to define the load capacitance across the crystal terminals.


12MHz Crystal  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Frequency

– 12MHz                                                                                     

  • Package Type

– HC49/US

  • Precision Rating

– ±50ppm

  • Required Load Capacitance

– 22pF


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Crystal 12MHz HC49 PTC

Crystal 12MHz HC49 PTC