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Laser Protective Glasses: 400-450nm Violet/Blue Diode



These 400-450nm Violet/Blue Diode Laser Protective Glasses are specially designed to block out intense light from lasers, to protect the eyes while maintaining visibility.

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When experimenting with or utilising lasers for projects like CNC engraving or thin-metal cutting, one of the most important aspects to consider is safety. This is because many people don’t realize how strong a laser can be, and even though the power output of a 2.5Watt Laser doesn’t sound like much compared to light bulbs that are typically above 50Watt, lasers are far more efficient and can easily cause blindness, sunburn eyes or even cause direct damage to skin. This is why we stock these 400-450nm Violet/Blue Diode Laser Protective Glasses, which block out a majority of light energy and radiation to protect your eyes while allowing you to still be able to see what you’re working on.

These glasses are coloured green, which is partly due to the wavelengths that the glasses are designed to block out, and fit comfortably on the face with little wings to block out light that could bounce up from your cheeks or nose. And while some people may think that this is a little overcautious, the truth is that laser lights can even damage your eyes with the invisible radiation that they produce. So, even if you can’t see the light coming out of Laser Devices, your eyes can still be damaged.

As any DIY Maker should know, safety always comes first, because without your eyes or other peripherals, you may not be able to enjoy DIY Making as much as you do now. This is why we always recommend safety products like these 400-450nm Violet/Blue Diode laser protection glasses, which we actually use within our workshops and electronics stations.

Technical Specifications:

  • Light Blocking Wavelength Range

– 400-450nm Violet/Blue Diode

  • Colour

– Green

  • Extra Protective Features

– Refracting Light Protection (Wings Around Edges)


Typical Applications for 340-1250nm Laser Protective Glasses:

These Laser Protective Glasses offer eye protection by absorbing light wavelengths between 400nm and 450nm, and are ideal to protect your eyes when you’re playing with experimenting with or utilising lasers for projects. They not only block out a lot of the high-intensity visible light that is blatantly obvious once you turn on a high-power laser, but also a lot of the invisible radiation that you can’t even see. However, they still allow for some light to travel through, so that you can see what you’re doing, but they ensure that you won’t go blind or succumb to sunburn on your eyes by looking at the laser or the intense light bouncing around the room.

Other applications for these glasses include light beauty treatment, photorejuvenation, optical beauty treatments as well as photon beauty treatments – which all use light to treat various minor ailments, cure polishing agents, as well as adjust cells with the power of light radiation.

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Laser Protective Glasses: 400-450nm Violet/Blue Diode

Laser Protective Glasses: 400-450nm Violet/Blue Diode