GT2 Precision Timing Pulley 16 Tooth - Cover Expand

GT2 Pulley (5mm Bore / 16 Tooth / 6mm Belt)



This standard aluminium GT2 Timing Pulley for CNC machines and 3D printers is suitable for 6mm GT2 belt. 

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Pulleys and belts are some of the most common mechanical components that converts the rotational motion of stepper motors and servo motors into linear motion. With this power, it's possible to create brilliant machines including 3D Printers. These GT2 Timing Pulleys are stocked to work with 6mm GT2 Timing Belts so you can build your own pulley systems or replace the pulleys on your 3D Printer. While these pulleys are usually made from tough materials like aluminium, damages might occur over time that could wear down the pulley too much. We stock these GT2 Timing Pulleys to ensure you can pick up as many as you need to get back to what you love, 3D printing.

This GT2 Timing Pulley has 16 teeth and is suitable for 6mm GT2 timing belts in 3D printing or CNC applications. Their shaft fits the Nema 17 Stepper Motor with a 5mm bore and two M3 grubscrews. This pulley grips strongly on your timing belt so your heatbed or print head can move with precision without any slippage that could cause failed prints. So, if you pulley is looking tired or damaged, these GT2 Timing Pulleys are perfect replacements.

16 Tooth GT2 Pulley  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Tooth Profile
- GT2                                        
  • Belt Compatibility
- GT2 - 6mm                           
  • No. of Teeth 
- 16
  • Pitch of Profile
- 2mm
  • Material
- Aluminium
  • Bore
- 5mm
  • Grub Screw
- 2x M3 
  • Length
- 14mm


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GT2 Pulley (5mm Bore / 16 Tooth / 6mm Belt)

GT2 Pulley (5mm Bore / 16 Tooth / 6mm Belt)