Smooth Idler Pulley (5mm Bore / 6mm Belt) - Plastic Expand

Smooth Idler Pulley (5mm Bore / 6mm Belt) - Plastic



These POM Plastic Smooth Idler Pulleys are made to fit 6mm Belts and have 5mm Bore bearings to support smooth, low-friction belt motion.

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Within 3D Printers and similar types of machines, belts are very often used to translate rotational torque from motors into linear motion along a rail or shaft. However, this can also cause friction and reduce the power output and effectiveness of motion, which is why these 5mm Bore POM Plastic Smooth Idler Pulleys for 6mm Belts are such important components within the system.

These idler pulleys are designed to keep 6mm Timing Belts tensioned, with an impressively low friction rating that not only translates to a higher efficiency, but also better positional accuracy. The double flanged edges also ensure that the belt stays exactly where it should be as well, without slipping off the side or loosening from sideways action. And because they are made from POM plastic, these Pulleys will maintain their dimensional stability, shape and strength even under reasonably heavy dynamic loads, offering a long lifespan with impressive durability.


Smooth Plastic Idler Pulley  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Material

– POM Plastic

  • Flange

– Double Flanged

  • Belt Width

– 6mm

  • Bore Diameter

– 5mm

  • Ball Bearings

– 2


Typical Applications for the Smooth Idler Pulley (5mm Bore / 6mm Belt) - Plastic:

Although these POM Plastic Smooth Idler Pulleys are mostly used by our customers for 3D Printing, they can also be used for any application in which a 6mm belt needs to be tensioned while still being able to move. The 5mm bore can be fitted onto any typical 5mm shaft, to ensure that the power from Stepper Motors is translated into linear motion with optimal efficiency.


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Smooth Idler Pulley (5mm Bore / 6mm Belt) - Plastic

Smooth Idler Pulley (5mm Bore / 6mm Belt) - Plastic