GT2 Twin Pulley - 5mm Bore, 20 Tooth for 6mm Belt Expand

GT2 Twin Pulley (5mm Bore / 20 Tooth / 6mm Belt)



A GT2 twin timing belt pulley with 20 teeth and an 5mm bore is used to drive two GT2 6mm timing belts to transfer motion between one another.

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This twin 20 tooth synchronous timing belt pulley has a GT2 shaped tooth profile with a standard pitch of 2mm. This pulley can be used to transfer motion and guide GT2 timing belt around a corner with the toothed tide of the belt, removing any vibration caused by using standard smooth idler pulleys or bearings. It has an 5mm bore so it is compatible with 5mm linear shafting or lead screws. There are two M4 grub screws to fix this pulley to your shaft of leadscrew securely.

General applications of this twin pulley include CoreXY machines, idler ends of linear axes, delta type 3D Printers and other CNC machines.

Timing or synchronous belts and pulleys are extremely useful in the design of machinery, where they transfer motion and torque between components with little backlash or vibration. Timing belts/pulleys offer a motion drive solution which is lighter, less expensive and quieter compared to other types of drive systems, which is extremely advantages. They are used extensively in 3D printers, standard 2D printers, robotics, Laser cutters and many other CNC applications. Another useful characteristic of timing belts and pulleys is that they operate with very little vibration under load, making them a good choice for sensitive equipment.


*Please note that this pulley is only compatible with GT2 6mm belt.


20 Tooth GT2 Twin Pulley  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Tooth Profile

- GT2                                             

  • Belt Compatibility

- GT2 : 6mm wide

  • No. of Teeth 

- 20

  • Pitch of Profile

- 2mm

  • Material

- Aluminium

  • Bore

- 5mm

  • Grub Screw

- 2 x M4 


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