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GT2 Belt & Pulley Kit



This GT2 Belt & Pulley Kit is the perfect set of tools for linear X and Y-Axis motion for 3D Printers – Originally stocked for our Prusa i3 Kit.

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When we first began building 3D Printers, they weren’t quite as advanced or user-friendly as they are today, and many of the different models required us to actually build and print unique parts to make them work. Fortunately, the technology has been developed and refined a lot since then, and we now have access to high quality machined parts, which we’ve utilised to create pre-packed kits to make your life as a Maker as easy as possible.

The GT2 Belt & Pulley Kit is one of the kits that we’ve compiled, and is stocked primarily for our in-house DIYElectronics Prusa i3 3D Printer to transfer the of the rotational torque of the stepper motors into linear motion along the X and Y-axis. This is perfect for the bed carriage and the hotend assembly, as these parts need to be controlled with precision in order to achieve the printing accuracy and overall print quality that you want.

This kit consists of two meters of GT2 Timing Belt, which can be cut down to size and utilised for both the bed and hotend, as well as two GT2 Pulleys that attach to the shafts of the stepper motors. All you need to do is cut the belt to whatever sizes you need, install the pulleys, and then attach the belts to the necessary parts with clamps or cable ties.


GT2 Belt  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Length

– 2m                         

  • Width

– 6mm

  • Tooth Pitch

– 2mm

  • Tooth Profile

– GT2


GT2 Pulley  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Tooth Profile

– GT2                                    

  • Belt Compatibility

– GT2 : 6mm Wide

  • No. of Teeth

– 20

  • Pitch of Profile

– 2mm

  • Material

– Aluminium

  • Bore

– 2 x M3

  • Shaft Compatibility

– 5mm


Typical Applications for GT2 Belt & Pulley Kit:

When we were building our very first Prusa i3 (affectionately known as “The Mothership”) we really wished there were more kits like this to make our lives easier. This is why we’ve strived to make these kinds of Kits & Upgrades available for customers, to ensure that you don’t have to go through the difficulties that we did with our first printer, and instead you can get straight to building your quality 3D printer with parts that you know you can rely on.


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GT2 Belt & Pulley Kit

GT2 Belt & Pulley Kit