S2M Timing Belt - 160x6mm Closed Loop Expand

S2M Timing Belt - 160x6mm Closed Loop



These 160x6mm Closed Loop S2M Profile Timing Belts are excellent for translating rotational torque into linear motion – Great for high-torque applications.

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These S2M Timing Belts are cut down and joined into 160mm (Circumference) Closed Loops with a 6mm width, and are designed to work in conjunction with Stepper Motors and pulleys to translate the rotational force of the motor into linear motion. The S2M tooth profile is made for high-torque applications, and feature a special design that grips well to S2M pulleys and gears, which prevent any slipping while ensuring perfect accuracy at all times – regardless of the direction in which the Timing Belts are moving or being pulled.

These types of belts are often used in applications like 3D printing and CNC milling, as well as a host of other mechanical devices and functional parts within machines. In such examples, a head, extruder, drill or similar part needs to be able to move with precision along linear paths, often requiring a high torque for fast movements, quick acceleration, as well as deceleration. Just be sure to try and match the 6mm belt width with 6mm Gears & Pulleys, so that sideways movement is reduced as much as position – which will in turn help maintain excellent accuracy throughout its lifespan.

Technical Specifications:

  • Total Length (Circumference)

– 160mm

  • Width

– 6mm

  • Tooth Pitch

– 2mm

  • Material

– Rubber / Nylon Cover / Fibreglass Reinforced


Typical Applications for the S2M Timing Belt - 160x6mm Closed Loop:

Although the primary use for these 160x6mm Closed Loop S2M Timing Belts are applications in CNC milling, 3D Printing and similar types of machines and functional parts, they can also be used for a variety of other home DIY projects. They are used in conjunction with pulleys and gears to translate rotational torque from motors into linear motion along guiderails. So, whether you need to integrate print-bed manoeuvrability to 3D Printers, or have a unique design for an exciting project in which you need linear motion with precision accuracy, these S2M Timing Belts are an excellent choice.

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S2M Timing Belt - 160x6mm Closed Loop

S2M Timing Belt - 160x6mm Closed Loop