4 Pin 2.54mm Angled SIL Pin Header - Female - Cover Expand

4 Pin 2.54mm Angled SIL Pin Header - Female



This 4-Pin Angled SIL Pin Header is ideal for soldering directly onto PCB's to create convenient SIL connector ports for Electronics & Prototyping.

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Electronics can be one of the most exciting hobbies available to Makers, but every now and then you need Components that aren’t super-fancy or advanced, such as this simple 4 Pin 2.54mm Angled Female SIL Pin Header. This Female SIL Header, which is essentially just a row of sockets for 2.54mm pins, makes connecting multiple ports onto PCB’s as easy as possible, with a right-angle or elbow style bend so that it can also accommodate projects with tight spatial requirements.

This Female SIL header features 4 pin sockets with angled pins on the bottom, arranged in a single row with square pegs for Soldering the unit onto PCBs, which is ideal for wire-to-board and board-to-board applications, with the additional option for users to breakaway any number of pin sockets from the original strip if necessary. As such, these headers are great for small-scale electronics, and are particularly good for common 4-port interfaces like RS-485, USB and a wide range of other common communications protocols.

If you love to work with headers to make your life easier, but are looking for other types of PCB, SIL and DIL Pin Headers, be sure to take a look at our Headers/Sockets Category, which includes headers or various types, as well as more unique socket systems like ZIF Sockets.


4 Pin 2.54 Angled Female SIL Pin Header  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Connector Type

– Pin Header Strip                                         

  • Gender

– Female

  • Pin Socket Type

– Right Angle / Elbow

  • Pin Length

– ±2.5mm

  • Socket Depth

– ±8mm

  • Number of Pin Sockets

– 4

  • Number of Pin Socket Rows

– 1

  • Pin Pitch

– 2.54mm


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4 Pin 2.54mm Angled SIL Pin Header - Female

4 Pin 2.54mm Angled SIL Pin Header - Female