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50mm 12V DC Blower Fan

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This 50mm 12V DC Blower Fan blows air directly onto hot parts, such as the hotend assemblies on 3D printers – Small form factor with potent cooling power.

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This little 5cm 12V DC Blower Fan is a great solution if you’ve been looking for an effective way to cool parts or components within a machine. Designed to blow a potent stream of air on a specific point, this blower fan is capable of funnelling air though a tunnel, directly onto certain parts without affecting surrounding areas or other nearby parts.

The fan operates on 12V DC voltage at 0.15A, and is side-firing so as to greatly enhance the cooling efficiency. This allows you to keep specific areas within a machine extra cool, while allowing for the other parts to maintain high temperatures. It connects up to a power supply via two simple wires, and the small form factor ensures that it can be installed within small enclosures without much extra hassle or fuss.


50mm 12V DC Blower Fan  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage

– 12V DC                            

  • Max Current

– 0.15A

  • Model Number

– 5015S

  • Fan Size

– 50mm

  • PSU Connection

– 2-wire


Typical Applications for these 50mm 12V DC Blower Fans:

This 12V DC Blower Fan is designed for the effective and efficient cooling of specific parts within machines by utilising a side-firing technique rather than typical open-firing like most fans do. At DIYElectronics we stock these primarily for use in 3D Printers, and along with a parts cooling fixture we use these fans for specialised cooling that blows directly onto printed plastic. The reason why this fan is so effective is because it has greatly reduced spread, and rather than blowing in a general direction, the output can be funnelled to specific places, ensuring the rest of the Hotend Assembly can maintain high temperatures without requiring extra heating or energy consumption.



Great little blower for the price

Swapped out my hot-end cooling fan for one of these with a printed adapter. Much higher airflow and 7dB less noise than a 40mm axial fan. Excellent value for money as well. Can't say anithing about long term use as I've only run them for around 20 hours. Oh, and they have survived accidentally being run at 24v for 5 minutes, but sounded very upset.

Become a little whiny when run on PWM, but most fans do this. Great as a part cooling fan as well. Can be run at 50% and still offers more airflow than a 4010 blower.

Will definitely pick up a few more next time I order.

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50mm 12V DC Blower Fan

50mm 12V DC Blower Fan