Sunon 12V 3010 Silent Axial Fan - 23dB Vapo-Bearing - Cover Expand

Sunon 12V 3010 Silent Axial Fan - 23dB Vapo-Bearing



These reliable Sunon 12V 3010 Silent Axial Fans offer a low 23dB noise rating and a Vapo-Bearing MagLev system for smooth and near-silent operations.

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We use fans for so many different applications in modern life, from general cooling in a room to focused cooling specifically catering to high heat producing, and even for some unique applications like catching mosquitos or adding oxygen to fires. However, while Cooling Fans are used for many different use cases, most fans are designed to a pretty standard specification, and that’s what makes these fans quite unique compared to most, as they offer the standard operations that many other fans do, but just add the extra benefit of being nearly completely silent with a 23dB noise rating and a smooth mode of operations.

These Sunon 12V 3010 Silent Axial Fans utilise a Vapo-Bearing system for smooth rotational motion, although these have been specially designed for quiet operations in 3D Printing, CNC Machines and other systems that need cooling, but don’t necessarily need to be so loud. This means that if you already have silent stepper drivers and other silent components on your machine, you can finally eliminate that last irritating noise by equipping it with near-silent fans, letting you enjoy true freedom for your 3D Printers and other noisy machines – rather than having to set them up in the garage, pantry or other faraway rooms just so you can enjoy some peace and quiet. These features, along with a reliable brand name in the world of fans and quiet cooling, makes these fans a great choice for all kinds of noisy machines, from 3D Printers to CNC machines and everything in between.


Sunon 12V 3010 Silent Axial Fan  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

– Sunon                                                  

  • Model Number

– MC30101V1-0000-A99

  • Fan Type

– Axial

  • Bearing Type

– MagLev: Vapo-Bearing

  • Operating Voltage

– 12V DC

  • Rated Current

– 48mA

  • Rated Speed (RPM)

– 9500

  • Rated Air Flow

– 5.5 CFM

  • Rated Static Pressure

– 3.81 mmH20

  • Rated Noise

– 23dB

  • Weight

– 8.5g

  • Dimensions

– 30 x 30 x 10mm


Helpful Notes for Installing Your New Sunon 12V 3010 Silent Axial Fan:

Whilst many experienced Makers would consider the installation process of a cooling fan to be relatively simple, installing fans on Hobbyist 3D Printers is unfortunately not as simple as it should be. Fortunately, however, we’ve prepared these handy notes on this process, which should help you get your fan installed perfectly, and without any unexpected damage or hassles. They are as follows:

  • Check Your Polarities – Because many of the hobbyist fans and 3D Printers available to Makers are typically supplied by different manufacturers from all over the world, the first step that you should take is to check the polarity of the fan with a simple multimeter. This simple and relatively quick polarity check will ensure that you don’t break your new fan (or potentially worse) the moment you turn on the power.

  • Wiring Colours May Not Always Match – Don’t simply rely on colours that many of these fans are provided with, because they may not always have the same wiring colours as other fans with the exact same or similar specifications. Additionally, we’ve found that some 3D Printers may also have different wiring, which can sometimes even depend on the batch within the same series. As such, double-check the polarity and markings on the related boards as well, so that you don’t end up running your fan backwards or causing unexpected damage before you even get a chance to use the fan.


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Sunon 12V 3010 Silent Axial Fan - 23dB Vapo-Bearing

Sunon 12V 3010 Silent Axial Fan - 23dB Vapo-Bearing