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Sunon 60mm 12V DC Axial Fan



Keep your components cool even under a heavy workload with the Sunon 60mm 12V DC Axial Fan – Designed for good airflow and low noise.

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For anyone who remembers the basics of physics back in school, work is a product of effort, and when work is done or achieved, by-products like heat and noise are pretty much inevitable, and while a little bit of heat is certainly a good thing, too much heat can do serious damage to both biological and non-bio materials. This is what makes Cooling Fans such important tools in Electronics and mechanical projects, as these kinds of active cooling units help to keep temperatures right within that “Goldilocks Zone” of “Not too cold, not too hot, but just right”, ensuring not just optimal efficiency from various parts, but also a longer lifespan for things like Stepper Drivers, MOSFETs, processors and more.

These fans, despite looking rather basic at first, are actually Sunon Fans, and this brand is quite famous in the active cooling world for the effective cooling over long lifespans that each fan offers. They are 60mm wide and high, in the classic square fan style, and are 25mm deep with blades that offer an excellent CFM at a reasonably low noise level. Furthermore, the 12V DC rating also makes them really easy to use, being compatible with a wide range of common components and Power Supplies, and this of course allows you to connect it directly into circuits and projects that already run on the common 12V standard. So if you’re looking for Axial Fans with low noise, high effect and an impressive brand name to back up those claims, these may just be the ideal Cooling Fans you’ve been looking for.


Sunon 60mm 12V DC Axial Fan  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Brand

– Sunon                                           

  • Model


  • Fan Type

– Axial

  • Bearing Type

– Sleeve Bearing

  • Operating Voltage

– 12V DC

  • Operating Current

– 130mAh

  • Airflow Rating

– 23.5CFM

  • Noise Rating

– 33.5dBA

  • RPM

– 4500RPM

  • Dimensions

– 60 x 60 x 25mm


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Sunon 60mm 12V DC Axial Fan

Sunon 60mm 12V DC Axial Fan