10 Gram Heatsink Compound Expand

Heatsink Compound - 10g Tube



These small 10 Gram tubes of Heatsink Compound offer extremely effective thermal coupling characteristics for efficient heat dissipation.

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As many of us know, thermal dynamics is not an easy science, and getting components of varying temperatures to share their heat evenly is relatively tricky even for professionals. Fortunately for us, tools like these tubes of 10 Gram Heatsink Compound make heat dissipation substantially easier, allowing components to spread temperatures effectively and efficiently without compromising on the quality of connections between the two parts.

This Heatsink compound comes in an easy to use tubes, which is ideal for getting it in between tight-fitting parts and thermally coupling them. It is great for reducing the high temperatures of components like stepper motor drivers, CPU’s, transistors and even heat breaks in 3D Printing, and lasts an impressively long lifespan despite being subjected to extreme temperatures for hours on end at times.

If you’re looking for a reliable heat paste to help move heat from hot components into heat sinks or other types of heat dissipation parts, these tubes offer effective thermal transfer with one of the easiest means of application around.


10 Gram Heatsink Compound  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Container

– Tube

  • Quantity

– 10 Gram          


Typical Applications for these 10 Gram Tubes of Heatsink Compound:

While most people would typically use these tubes of 10 Gram Heatsink Compound for extremely hot components like CPU’s and Stepper Motor Drivers, many of our customers have also seen success with using this compound within 3D printing as well. However, most printers are designed to dissipate the heat that they make without the need for heat paste, although it is a great option if you are struggling with heat problems and need a better solution than a standard cooling tower.


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Heatsink Compound - 10g Tube

Heatsink Compound - 10g Tube