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Boron Nitride Thermal Paste from Slice Engineering

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This Boron Nitride Thermal Paste is ready to handle extreme temperatures, & allows for extreme thermal transfer for Heater Cartridges in 3D Printing.

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If you’ve ever enjoyed watching a video of thermal transfer characteristics and spread patterns, you will know the hotter it gets, the more uneven heat tends to spread, and the more disparities there become between various parts of a surface or structure. This is why, in high-intensity applications like high-speed processing, heat treatment and high-temperature 3D Printing, thermal compound is almost always recommended as a way to reduce heat differences within a structure, which in turn leads to a longer lifespan from reduced degradation.

These intense properties of extreme temperatures is precisely why, for high-temperature Hotend Assemblies like the Mosquito Hotend and the Mosquito Magnum Hotend, it’s vital that you use a reliable thermal paste that can withstand the temperatures they reach. This is why we love this Boron Nitride Thermal Paste from Slice Engineering, as it is specially formulated to handle temperatures as high at 1000°C without problems, which is particularly beneficial for parts like the Mosquito Extreme Temperature Thermistor and their Mosquito 50W Heater Cartridges. With this thermal paste, you can rest assured that the heat generated by the cartridge and absorbed by the thermistor are evenly spread, without any hot spots that could cause accelerated degradation.


Boron Nitride Thermal Paste  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

Slice Engineering                                                       

  • Maximum Temperature

– 1000°C

  • Syringe Volume

– 5cc / 5ml

  • Hotend Compatibility

All Hotend Assemblies

  • Heater Block Compatibility

All Heater Blocks

  • Heater Cartridge Compatibility

All Heater Cartridges

  • Thermistor Compatibility

All Thermistors


Note: There are two suppliers of this Boron Nitride Paste, although both of these brands offer almost exactly the same product. As such, we have provided two Material Safety Datasheets above, so you can refer to whichever brand your syringe states on the side.



HWPHSPABNP - Miller-Stephenson Safety Datasheet

Download (65.13k)


HWPHSPABNP - ZYP Safety Datasheet

Download (743.52k)

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Boron Nitride Thermal Paste from Slice Engineering

Boron Nitride Thermal Paste from Slice Engineering