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Plastic Repellent Paint by Slice Engineering

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This amazing Plastic Repellent Paint by Slice Engineering ensures no sticky messes or artefacts on Prints, & keeps your nozzle and heater block clean.

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With so much focus and attention being placed on hardware and designs, as well as firmware to make all of the different parts work together, it’s always refreshing to see 3D Printer Upgrades that take a different approach, as is the case with this Plastic Repellent Paint by Slice Engineering. This paint is made from a specialised PTFE Nanosuspension Emulsion that repels plastic with impressive effectiveness, and is primarily meant for nozzles and heater blocks, to help prevent messy and sticky filament build-ups, making 3D Printing more convenient to use while also reducing those pesky artefacts that those build-ups can end up causing.

Slice Engineering’s Plastic Repellent Paint is one of the easiest upgrades that you can apply to your 3D Printer, and simply requires about a minute of painting, and then a few minutes to let it dry. Then, once applied, this paint coats and lubricates the nozzle and heat block, preventing filament build-ups and leading to a cleaner, more enjoy 3D Printing experience. Additionally, you need much paint to coat a heater block and nozzle, and although it only offers a 3cc volume, this is actually enough to coat multiple Nozzles and possibly even multiple Heater Blocks, meaning that this is an upgrade that can be stretched for maximum value, with some users even taking advantage of its plastic-repellent nature on Cooling Towers and other parts too.

Although we certainly recommend this Plastic Repellent Paint for anyone who hates having to clean those sticky messes from nozzles and heater blocks, it’s important to realise that this paint is already pre-applied to The Mosquito Hotend and Mosquito Magnum Hotend, as well as the Mosquito Hot Block and the Slice Engineering Vanadium Nozzles too. As such, this paint is more focused on Makers who don’t have one of these more modern Hotend Assemblies, but still want to enjoy some of the cool benefits that Slice Engineering bring for 3D Printers.


Plastic Repellent Paint by Slice Engineering  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

Slice Engineering                                                 

  • Maximum Safe Temperature

– 290°C

  • Volume

– 3cc / 3ml

  • Hotend Compatibility

– All Hotend Assemblies

  • Heater Block Compatibility

– All Heater Blocks

  • Nozzle Compatibility

– All Nozzles



HWPHSPAPRP - Safety Datasheet

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Plastic Repellent Paint by Slice Engineering

Plastic Repellent Paint by Slice Engineering