Cable Drag Chain 19x10mm ID - 1m Length Expand

Cable Drag Chain 19x10mm ID - 1m Length



Our 20mm Cable Drag Chains come in lengths of 1m to keep cables neat, tidy and protected – Can be lengthened or shortened by adding or removing links.

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Our 20mm Cable Drag Chains come in lengths of 1m, and are designed to help with Cable Management, to keep your cables neat, tidy and protected from damage or rapid wear and tear. Each chain is built from a series of links which connect together and act like a bendable protective sleeve. This helps by greatly reducing any chances of cable tangling, since all of the cables are kept within the chain enclosure, while allowing the cables to bend to wherever they need to go.

Our cable drag chains are made from a durable plastic, but can be easily opened with a screwdriver during cable insertion. They can also be lengthened or shortened by simply connecting or removing extra chain links, allowing you to completely cover almost any cable with a diameter of 10mm or less. This protective chain can also be used for multiple smaller cables as well, rather than one large diameter cable, which is especially important for systems or machines with numerous cables that can get caught in moving parts – like in 3D Printers for example.


1m Long 19x10mm Cable Drag Chain  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Total Length

– 1 meter                                                            

  • Length between Links

– 15mm

  • Internal Dimensions (mm)

– (W)19 x (H)10

  • External Dimensions (mm)

– (W)25 x (H)12

  • Bending Capabilities

– ±16° Bend per Link

  • Plastic Type
– Polypropylene


Typical Applications for these 1m Long 19x10mm Cable Drag Chains:

Our one-meter long 20mm Cable Drag Chains are primarily used for machines and systems with many moving parts that could damage cables within a system. In such machines, the cables can be damaged in a variety of ways:

  • Firstly, moving parts can potentially catch cables and burn, cut or stretch the cables beyond their capabilities.
  • Secondly, if the cables are attached to any moving parts, the constant movement will ensure a quicker rate of wear and tear.
  • Finally, as loose cables move they can get tangled together, which can cause the cables to pull on components or stretch in ways they shouldn’t.

Fortunately, our 20mm cable drag chains cater to all of these problems, and not only ensure your cables and machines are kept safe and in working order, but also look fantastically neat and tidy while doing so.


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Cable Drag Chain 19x10mm ID - 1m Length

Cable Drag Chain 19x10mm ID - 1m Length